Tower of Fantasy releases

Tower of Fantasy releases: On August 10, all players can access Tower of Fantasy after two closed beta testing. Then, on August 9, you may start preloading the game on your computer or chosen smartphone device.

Allowing you the option to play as yourself as you explore the far-off planet of Aida in the open-world action RPG.
Tower of Fantasy, a post-apocalyptic adventure with a sci-fi twist, was created by Hotta Studio.

Players will have the opportunity to construct the character of their choice and set out on a grand adventure while exploring Aida’s wide-open world and intricate character customization options. Fans of Genshin Impact should have a look.

In early August, Tower of Fantasy releases

In the cooperative multiplayer mode of Tower of Fantasy, users may explore the world with other players while trying out all the various weaponry. The game’s development team intends to expand its multiplayer capabilities in the future.

Still, they are also working to strike a balance that will be enjoyable for single gamers who choose to play alone.

The development team is focusing on adding mini-games like parkour, racing, and surfing to the world of Aida and the more significant features in Tower of Fantasy. Players can choose between these after finishing tasks to acquire more resources for the game.

Fans still have time to pre-register on the Tower of Fantasy website before the game’s August 10 official release date. When the game releases, those who comply will reward with various in-game goodies and cosmetic costumes.

You may download it on your smartphone from the Apple or Google Play store and play it on your computer using Steam or the Epic Games Store.