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Toys for Pokemon fans made with 3D printers

Toys for Pokemon fans made with 3D printers: It has been 25 years since the first Pokemon movie came out, and there have been a lot of fans since then. Since then, there has been a lot of great art made by people who love the show. One of these fans has made an excellent 3D Pokemon art piece to show off their collection of toys.

Origami, custom figures, and handmade dolls are just some of the types of art that people have made for Pokemon, but there are many more. So many fans have shown their creativity and love for the long-running series by making great art for it.

Now, a fan has used 3D printing to make a great place to show off all of their Pokemon figurines.
A Reddit user named 3demonster posted a video of a display area they made for their Pokemon toys.

The fan used a 3D printer to make a lot of different colored tiles, which they used to make different habitats in their show. Among these are snowy mountains, lava-filled land, and a grassy field.

Toys for Pokemon fans made with 3D printers

They then show how the display area build. Then 3demonster shows them putting their Pokemon figurines on display. Next, they fill the room with many Pokemon from Generation One, making a diorama that shows off their fantastic collection of pocket monsters in style.

3demonster even shows that they made perches for the three legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, so that they could sit on them. It looks great and is a great way to remember the first Pokemon games when it’s done.

3demonster’s display has been getting a lot of good reviews. Many people show their appreciation, and some even ask for the plans for their 3D printers.

Even some people said they thought of Heroscape, which they love. The display is an excellent piece of art, and it shows how many people think outside the box when they make Pokemon art.

3demonster isn’t the only person making great 3D Pokemon art. Tapclay is the name of a Pokemon fan who made a clay figure of Quaxly, the water-type starter for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The piece does a great job of capturing the Pokemon.

It includes small things like Quaxly’s chest fluff and the shape of its wings. Quaxly’s yellow beak to its blue feet is all the same color. Two artists demonstrate how well 3D artworks are, trap clay and 3demonster.

They both have made unique pieces that show their love for the legendary series.

People who own a Nintendo Switch can expect Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to come out in 2022.



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