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Trinamool’s Mahua Moitra Trends For Rebuke, In Video, By Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool’s Mahua Moitra Trends For Rebuke, In Video, By Mamata Banerjee: According to reports, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was angry about the fighting ahead of civic elections.

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, famous for her fiery speeches and savage attacks on opponents, is being talked about for a moment where she doesn’t speak one word.

In the video being circulated widely, the party’s boss Mamata Banerjee is seen to speak to her during a meeting on Thursday harshly.

According to reports, the Bengal Chief Minister appeared reportedly upset about the fractious nature of his administration ahead of municipal elections and used an administrative review meeting held at Krishnanagar in the Nadia district to deliver an email.

Mahua Moitra, the Lok Sabha MP from Krishnanagar, was present as the chief minister turned his attention.

“Mahua, let me give a clear message here. I don’t need to see who is against whom. If someone does not, she puts up some news on YouTube or in newspapers. This kind of politics can go for one day but not forever.

 And for only one person to be in the same place forever, that is also not right,” Mamata Banerjee declares in the clip.

“When there is an election, the party will decide who will contest and who won’t. There should be no difference of opinion. I am telling you, everyone should work together,” she says.

When NDTV approached the MP to get an opinion on the video, she replied that it was a “local fight and not worth it.”

The video has been shared widely via social media platforms; Mahua Moitra has been among the most popular trends since yesterday. Some have even aimed Mahua Moitra in what seems like a public apology. However, some have been vocal in their support in a scathing attack on Mamata Banerjee of “humiliating” one of her most articulate and well-known party leaders.

In the same video, Mamata Banerjee also questions another leader regarding videos uploaded on YouTube of a demonstration from a different faction who accuses him of corruption in a housing project.

“I know who is behind this game. It was set up and planted in the media. I have cross-checked it through the CID (Criminal Investigation Department),” she adds.

Mahua Moitra was dismissed in August as the district chief of Trinamool of Nadia. In the Bengal elections in April of this year, the party’s performance on the ground in Nadia did not seem as impressive as it was in other parts of the State. Of 17 seats within Nadia, nine seats were won by BJP.

Factionalism is a significant element in the Trinamool’s shaky performance in Nadia, According to chiefs of the party.

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