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Twitch Bans Pokimane after Streaming Avatar

Twitch Bans Pokimane: According to reports, the most well-known Twitch streamer Imane Anys most popularly

referred to by the name Pokimane was banned from the site after he viewed

Nickelodeon’s Avatar The Final Airbender

The streamer is most well-known for playing games such as League of

Legends and Fortnite However, it only started streaming in September after the break of

Pokimane due to burnout.

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Pokimane is among the most famous women streamers active on Twitch and is known for

her open and frank style. She was a co-founder of OfflineTV and is also the co-founder and

Chief Creative Officer for RTS, the eSports company founded in the year.

 Forbes has once featured her on its under 30 list of Games with an exclusive contract she

had signed with Twitch.

Pokimane responded to the suspension with a brief message on Twitter and wrote, “the fire

nation has been attacked.” 

The Twitch account is offline, and it’s an empty page, with warnings “that content is no

longer available.”

 Initial reports that a DMCA violation caused the ban in streaming the copyrighted

Nickelodeon content.

 Pokimane has since stated she is only a temporary suspension that will last for at least 48


The ban is a bad start to the season for the famous streaming artist, which had a turbulent


The month of December was when Pokimane had to explain a joke she had used to say

that “all women should be at the table” following accusations of sexual harassment. 

Rumors circulated that Pokimane had a relationship not disclosed following the time an

unidentified individual referred to as Kevin was spotted on her channel, which was

previously unheard of and seemed to have a great rapport with the host. 

Last year, she rejected numerous requests to quit OfflineTV to join more prominent gaming


Streaming copyrighted shows and films is an issue that is difficult to resolve, although

certain streamers have managed to avoid it.

 For instance, the YouTuber Felix “xQc” Lengyel has gained more followers by streaming

and responding to MasterChef

He recently had a Twitter discussion between himself and Gordon Ramsay on the subject.

 He also has criticized Pokimane for his “rebellious” behavior. Still, Pokimane praised xQc’s

contribution to Twitch in December, claiming him as more valuable than the famous Fortnite

streaming star Tyler. 

“Ninja,” Blevins.

Twitch was previously criticize for its inadequate copyright system. 

In May 2021, the service is target for criticism for its copyright system following a

DMCA “ban period,” which affect a variety of creators. 

Twitch was able to respond in July 2021, announcing changes in its three-strikes policy for

banning channels by adopting a similar rule to YouTube’s 90-day strike rule.

Pokimane has announced that she will be back on Monday to host an exclusive 12-hour

“comeback streaming.”


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