Crunchyroll has stirred a lot of excitement among the fans after the news of the upcoming anime, including the fifth season of Bungo Stray Dogs and Sweet Reincarnation, surfaced.

At the Anime Boston convention and Sakura-Con, the streaming platform shared the big news with the fans. Read the article to learn more about the upcoming seasons and their exciting storyline.

It’s the season of the anime convention, and Crunchyroll is set to fire the stage in Seattle at Sakura-Con 2023 from April 7th to 9th.

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1

Earlier this year at Sakura-Con, Crunchyroll broke the announcement about the anime titled My Unique Skill Makes Me OP, even at Level 1. It’s essentially an isekai series that revolves around Sato Ryota, a salaried person who suddenly finds himself in a dungeon allocated in a strange world with monsters all around.

Later, with the help of a girl named Emily, he checks his stats and vitals to find out that he is magically and physically at rank F. Sadly, rank F means the weakest; hence, he is stuck at the lowest level one.

However, as the events unfold, Sato learns about his drop skill, which is the most powerful and distinctive skill. Will Sato survive with his unique skill despite being the weakest? You need to watch the anime yourself.

You can now watch the trailer on Youtube, where you can see a girl poking a meaty human, ready to cook him nicely. However, Sato wakes up, shocking the girl. Nazuna Miki is creating the anime, and it will be aired in July 2023.

Time to Fight Fire

The next anime series, Firefighter Diago: Rescuer in Orange, features the tough lives of firefighters willing to sacrifice their own lives to save their beloved country Japan.

It’s an inspiring story about the three young firefighters who will save Japan at any cost. Toke Diago is a talented young person with incredible determination, while Onoda Shun gives 100 percent to remove the blockage from his destined path. Finally, Nakamura Yuki aspires to become one of the female crew members of the Orange special rescue corps.

These three firefighters aim to become members of Orange as the story progresses. Who will save Japan during the crisis? You need to wait for it to watch the anime.

The trailer is available on Youtube for fans to have a glimpse of the anime series. The anime is adapted from the manga published in a monthly Shonen magazine. The creators of the anime are the talented Soda Masahito and Tomiyama Kuro.

Final Word

During a panel discussion at Anime Boston, Crunchyroll announced future anime offerings as the streaming platform has acquired several anime. Fans may have to wait a little longer to watch the spring 2023 anime season. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting year for anime fans as Crunchyroll lines up a lot of anime.