Two Pakistani men arrested in the United States Claimed ISI members

Two Pakistani men arrested in the United States Claimed ISI members. 

Two individuals were detained in Washington for impersonating federal officials, one of whom had links to Pakistani intelligence and had visas from Pakistan and Iran. 

Since 2020, Haider Ali, 35, and Arian Taherzadeh, 40, have been detained for allegedly impersonating federal officials.

The two defendants pretended to be federal agents. They delivered free residences and other gifts to the US Secret Service members, including one who worked on the first lady’s protection detail.

The FBI apprehended both defendants from a luxury building in Washington. They were found with drug paraphernalia, pistols, and assault weapons used by federal law enforcement organizations.

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During a court hearing on Thursday, Assistant US Attorney Ali stated that one of the defendants was connected to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency and had several visas from both Pakistan and Iran.

According to the attorney, the accused had already been to the Middle East on several occasions, and his US travel records revealed he had visited Istanbul, Turkey, and Doha, Qatar.

On March 14, the two were discovered when a US Postal Inspector was dispatched to a DC apartment building to investigate an allegation of an incident involving a USPS mail carrier.

Taherzadeh and Ali described themselves as US Special Police Investigation Organization members, a Homeland Connect Security unit. 

Both of the defendants were involved in undercover gang investigations and the research into last year’s disturbance at the US Capitol.

Residents believe that the two controlled numerous flats in the building and claimed that the DHS was paying for them. 

They had access to security cameras, cell phones, and other personal information.

Many of the inhabitants of the buildings were eventually discovered to be members of the FBI, Secret Service, and DHS.

The two guys also possessed surveillance equipment and a high-powered telescope. 

The FBI discovered evidence that they were making surveillance devices and a binder with information on all of the tenants of the upscale apartment complex.


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