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U.S. judge dismisses case against Jeffrey Epstein’s correctional officers

U.S. judge dismisses case against Jeffrey Epstein’s correctional officers. 

NEW YORK: A U.S. judge on Monday officially denied the government’s case in federal court against two Manhattan guards in the jail.

He admitted to falsifying their records in the evening when finance guru Jeffrey Epstein killed himself during their shifts.

U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres in Manhattan dismissed the claims of Tova Noel as well as Michael Thomas after prosecutors claimed that both complied with six-month deferred prosecutor agreements they reached in May.

Epstein died in the cell of his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on Aug. 10 in 2019, as he waited for his trial on charges of sex trafficking.

Noel Thomas and Thomas are accused of sleeping and surfing the web that night, rather than checking Epstein every 30 mins. 

Additionally, they admitted to having falsified their documents to appear they were keeping track of Epstein correctly.

Both were involved in an investigation conducted by the federal government following Epstein’s suicide. 

William Barr, the U.S. attorney general at the time, was furious that a prominent inmate such as Epstein could commit suicide while being held in federal custody.

In the statement, Noel’s attorney Jason Foy said the case was “managed differently” by the authorities due to Epstein’s “infamous” status. 

He claimed that his client cooperated in providing information about what he described as the “toxic culture, subpar training, staffing shortages, and dysfunctional management” of the jail, which has since been closed.

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