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U.S. judge stops Texas from enforcing the near-total abortion ban

A U.S. judge stops Texas from enforcing the near-total abortion ban.

WASHINGTONOn Wednesday, a federal judge blocked a Texas near-total abortion ban. 

This law is the most severe in the United States and was challenged by President Joe Biden after proceeding by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In Austin, Robert Pitman, U.S. District Judge, acted to stop the state from enforcing a Republican-backed law that prohibits women from having an abortion after six weeks. 

This case is part of a legal battle for abortion access in the United States. Many states are seeking restrictions. However, litigation continues over its legality.

Pitman stated in the ruling that “This Court will never sanction one more day [of this offensive deprivation] of such important rights.”

Pitman’s order was still ink, and Texas notified Pitman that it intended to appeal the ruling. 

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This set the stage for the next phase of the legal battle. Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said that “Tonight’s decision is an important step towards restoring constitutional rights for women across Texas.” She made the statement in a statement late Wednesday. 

She added that “the fight has just begun, both here in Texas and in many other states across the country where women’s rights are currently under threat,”

Biden’s Justice Department sued Texas on Sept. 9. They sought a temporary injunction to stop the law from taking effect. 

On Sept. 1, the U.S. Supreme Court approved that the law is made effective by a 5-4 vote of conservative justices.

Many women don’t know that they are pregnant until six weeks after their due date. There are no exceptions to the law for pregnancies that were caused by rape and incest. 

Ordinary citizens can enforce the ban and receive a minimum $10,000 reward if they succeed in suing anyone who assisted with an abortion. 

Critics claim that this provision allows people to become anti-abortion bounty hunters.

The Justice Department claimed that the law prevents women from exercising their constitutional right of termination, established by the 1973 Roe V. 

Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states. The Justice Department also claimed that the law infringes on the federal government’s ability to provide abortion-related services.

Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney General, praised the ruling as a victory for Texas women.

Planned Parenthood stated that the preliminary injunction prohibits Texas courts from accepting lawsuits filed under the law.

Alexis McGill Johnson, CEO of Planned Parenthood, stated in a statement that “the relief granted today by the court is overdue” and thanked the Department of Justice for moving quickly to seek it.

Whole Woman’s Health has four Texas clinics and said that it plans to resume abortions for up to 18 weeks as soon as possible.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a Republican. He has stated that the state’s abortion law is legal. This office said in a statement that “the most precious freedom it offers is life itself.”

Pitman heard approximately three hours of arguments at the Justice Department’s request. 

Brian Netter, Justice Department attorney, called the law “unprecedented vigilante justice” and demanded that it be repealed.

Will Thompson, an attorney with the Texas Attorney General’s Office, countered the department’s arguments. 

He said there were many opportunities for Texas citizens to challenge the law themselves. 

He claimed that the arguments of the department were full of “hyperbole, inflammatory rhetoric.”

On Dec. 1, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a separate case that involves a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks. 

The U.S. conservatives long-sought Roe v. Wade to be overturned. Mississippi has asked for the Supreme Court to reverse the 1973 precedent.


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