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U.S. will train Ukrainians on howitzers artillery soon

U.S. will train Ukrainians on howitzers artillery soon. 

WASHINGTON– A senior U.S. defense source said on Monday that the U.S. military plans to begin training Ukrainians to use howitzer artillery in the coming days.

Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden offered an additional $800 million in military supplies to Ukraine, including heavy artillery, in anticipation of a larger Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine.

As part of the latest package, the United States has deployed four flights of munitions so far.

According to the official, the howitzer training would be done outside of Ukraine, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The U.S. intends to train Ukrainian trainers to handle some of the new weaponry, such as howitzers and radars, and then have the trainers train their colleagues within Ukraine.

Switchblade drones were previously taught to Ukrainian soldiers by the U.S.

The commander of Ukrainian forces holding out in the destroyed southern port of Mariupol called to the Pope for assistance after a Russian missile attack killed seven people in Lviv on Monday, the first civilian deaths in the western city.

According to the U.S. defense official, Russia appeared to be targeting military targets in Lviv and Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

The official stated that Mariupol was still contested because Russia appeared to have moved reinforcements into Ukraine in recent days.

“Our opinion is that Mariupol is still contested… (it) remains under threat from the air, both from missile strikes and bombs dropped from the sky and artillery,” the officer said.

According to the official, there are about 76 Russian battalion tactical groups in southern and eastern Ukraine, up from about 11 in recent days.

The Russian military ministry announced that its anti-aircraft systems in the Odesa region shot down a Ukrainian transport jet carrying weaponry supplied by Western governments.

The official stated that the U.S. has no information indicating that this was the case.

According to the U.S. official, there were no indications that Russia was attempting to rescue the cruiser Moskva, the flagship of its Black Sea force, which sank on Thursday.



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