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UAE Worked on Fridays For The First Time.

 UAE Worked on Fridays: Schoolchildren and employees had to balance school and work during daily Muslim services on the first-ever workday on Fridays in the United Arab Emirates.

The Gulf country officially switched to a Saturday-Sunday holiday.

Some were unhappy with the change, and business owners were divide, and many shift to a Western-style weekend.

At the same time, other private firms stayed on Saturdays and Fridays, similar to other Gulf states.

The day of prayer has always been an entirely free time in UAE.

The country has previously been observed as a Friday-Thursday weekend from 2006 onwards.

However, the mosques were bustling as people wearing prayer mats arrived just like usual, but they returned to work.

“I’d prefer to take (Friday) days off,” explained 22-year old Briton Rachel King, who works in the industry of hospitality and has been in Dubai for the past six months.

“That is the kind of thing we have experienced and loved being able to take a day off on Fridays and visiting certain places that are open so we can do whatever.

However, now it’s going to be a Saturday.”

The UAE has made the shocking announcement of the shift to government employees in December.

As it faces increasing competition from other Gulf nations, including Saudi Arabia.

Schools and government bodies will be open for four and a half days a week,

closing at noon on Fridays, with a fixed time of 1:15 pm; however, the Muslim prayer timetable is usually based on the location that the sun is in.

In the 195 businesses surveyed by human resource consulting firm Mercer, only 23 percent had plans to adopt the four-and-a-half-day workweek.

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