UK PM Warn for upcoming Omicron Wave

UK PM Warn for upcoming Omicron Wave. 

“No one should doubt that there is an oscillation of Omicron variant expected to hit the shores,” Boris Johnson said in a television statement on Sunday night.

He stated that the goal of providing an increase to all adults before Jan. 31 would then be pushed up by one month.

Certain medical appointments could be delayed to focus on boosters.

Mr. Johnson provided his latest update on Sunday night only moments after UK’s Covid warning level had been increased to four because of the spread of the brand new Omicron version of Omicron.

Level Four is the highest or most elevated degree of transmission. The last time the UK was at the level four mark was in May.

“I’m concerned that we’re in the midst of an emergency in our fight with the latest variant Omicron,” said Mr. Johnson.

“It is now evident that two doses do not suffice to provide the amount of protection we need. The positive side is that our experts are convinced that by taking the third dose, one that is a booster that we will all be able to bring the level of protection up.”

He said: “At this point, our scientists cannot say whether Omicron is less severe.

“And even if this were to be the case that we know, it’s so transmittable that a surge of Omicron throughout a population which wasn’t boosted could lead to an amount of hospitalization that could overburden our NHS and cause several deaths.”

The new booster goal means that people 18 and over in England can take their third shot this week – so long as it’s been at least three months since the previous dose.

Aged 30 and above can book an appointment through the online booking service starting two months following the second dose. People over 18 with this status can book beginning on Wednesday.

Based on location, a few walk-in appointments will be open from Monday to eligible older than 18 years old.

Scotland has set the same goals and hopes to provide all adults with a boost by year-end. Northern Ireland said it is expanding its program and hopes to see the maximum number of people up and running by the end of the year.

However, Mr. Johnson declared that to achieve the new jab goal, other medical appointments must be put off until the new year. Certain doctors are already able to postpone regular health checks to allow for vaccinations.

The prime minister also stated:

  • 42 teams of militaries would be stationed across the globe to support the cause.
  • Additional mobile units and sites for vaccination will be established across England.
  • the hours of operation of clinics could be extended to accommodate more appointments
  • thousands of more volunteers will be educated
  • the UK government will also provide an additional boost to accelerate vaccinations throughout Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Early research suggests that getting the third dose of boosters stops around 75% of patients suffering from Covid symptoms due to Omicron.

More than half one million booster jabs and third doses were distributed across the UK on Saturday, the second day in a row observed since the rollout of boosters began.