Ukraine cargo plane crash in Greece killed 8 people

Ukraine cargo plane crash in Greece killed 8 people

8 crew members on a Ukrainian cargo aircraft transporting weapons from Serbia to Bangladesh were killed. Unfortunately, it crashed in northern Greece late on Saturday, according to Greek and Serbian officials.

Witnesses reported seeing the plane crash in a ball of flames close to Kavala before it exploded upon impact in nearby cornfields at approximately midnight local time. 

The pilot had already sought an emergency landing after reporting engine issues.

Burning wreckage from the Antonov An-12 aircraft was seen scattered over fields in drone photos taken at the site.

The eight crew members perished in the disaster, according to the airline Meridian, which has its headquarters in Ukraine. View More They were all Ukrainian nationals, according to the Ukrainian foreign ministry.

One crew member’s corpse has so far been found by Greek police, according to a spokeswoman for the civil protection department. A local mayor said that six corpses were discovered during the first drone survey of the region.

Nebojsa Stefanovic, the minister of defense for Serbia, said that the jet had been carrying 11.5 tonnes of defense-related goods, including mortar and practice rounds. He stated that Bangladesh’s defense government served as the cargo’s buyer.

However, Denys Bogdanovych, Meridian’s general director, reaffirmed that assertion and said there was no connection between the accident and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.