UN peacekeepers opened fire in Congo and killed 2 including several injured

UN peacekeepers opened fire in Congo and killed 2 including several injured!

The UN said that during an incident in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo near the Ugandan border on Sunday, two persons were killed, and several others were wounded when UN forces opened fire.

MONUSCO, the UN force, acknowledged that some of its forces had fired “for unknown reasons.” “mentioning that there had already been arrests.

A video of the event posted on social media shows individuals approaching the stopped UN convoy in Kasindi from behind a locked barrier. At least one was dressed in a police uniform and another in an army uniform. The settlement is located in the Beni region of eastern DR Congo, close to the Ugandan border.

The peacekeepers seemed to commence fire after a verbal dispute before unlocking the gate, driving forward while shooting as civilians fled or hid.

“During this incident, returning from leave troops from the MONUSCO force’s intervention brigade opened fire at the border station for an unknown cause before forcing their way through, “In a statement, the UN mission in Kasindi stated. “This tragic occurrence resulted in fatalities and severe injuries.”

Eight persons, including two policemen working at the barrier, were gravely hurt, according to Barthelemy Kambale Siva, the North Kivu governor’s agent in Kasindi “in the occurrence.