How do you unlock every lantern in Roblox Mimic?

unlock every lantern in Roblox Mimic: The Mimic is among the most advanced game of horror on Roblox, which allows players to explore a new level of horror and storytelling. Players explore the unique, mystical worlds from Japanese folklore and are tested by their skills and courage to make it through. 

There’s no shortage of darkness in the realm of The Mimic. This is why players will require a torch or Lantern to help navigate through.

Many unique badges were earned. Lanterns are available for players to collect when they complete certain stages of games. Certain will require a great deal of expertise as the players must play the most challenging game mode, Nightmare mode. 

To access the new Lanterns, you need to hit ‘ G‘ in the lobby, click on the Lantern you see, and select ‘ Skins.’ Then you can put them on and display your unique collection of Lanterns.

unlock every lantern in Roblox Mimic

The Lanterns in all their forms and how to obtain them

The Book 1. Control

  • The Spirit Lantern – Chapter 2 (Nightmare Mode)
  • The Corrupted Lantern Chapter 3 (Nightmare Mode)
  • The Kusonoki Lantern – Chapter 4 (Nightmare Mode)

Book 2: Jealousy

  • The Tenome Lantern – Chapter 1. (Normal Mode)
  • The Mio/Mouth Lantern – Chapter 1 (Nightmare Mode)


  • 2.X. Lantern (50 R$)
  • The Lantern VIP (799 R$)


  • The Duality Lantern – The Witch Trials (Nightmare Mode)
  • The Lampus Lantern – The Christmas Trials (Nightmare Mode)


  • Halloween Lantern – The Halloween Lantern – Halloween Trials
  • The Shinigami Lantern – Death’s Challenge
  • The Shinichi Lantern – Hitachi’s Request

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