Unlock Ice Axe in Warzone and Vanguard

Unlock Ice Axe in Warzone and Vanguard: Season two of Warzone and Vanguard is closing in. Second season post-launch content for the Pacific period of the battle royale game and Sledgehammer Games’ latest offering brought a variety of brand new weapons together with Snoop Dogg’s role as a playable operator on both games.

In addition to the Armaguerra 43, Whitley and Whitley, and the KG M40 assault rifle, the fourth weapon listed in the Season 2 roadmap is the Ice Axe. This first-ever melee weapon is capable of causing massive destruction in close-range battles.

As with all weapons, users must take on a series of challenges to acquire this weapon, the Ice Axe. That being said, learn all you need to know regarding the weapon of melee and ways to open it with this article.

How do I unlock Ice Axe Melee Weapon in Warzone?

As of the date of this article (April 21, 2022), the Ice Axe is unavailable in Warzone; however, if it appears on the battlefield game. We’ll complete this guide with all the prerequisites needed to gain access to one of the most exclusive weapons available in the arsenal.

How do I unlock Ice Axe in Vanguard?

The item may not be in Warzone, but you can unlock this Ice Axe within Vanguard multiplayer and zombies. In multiplayer, get three kills using the Throwing Knife in a single game 15 times. The process of scoring kills using knives is easy to process, but repeating it may take time.

To complete the game in multiplayer as quickly as possible, it is recommended to jump into the Shipment or Das Haus playlist for the best opportunities to be up close and personal with the opponents.

For zombies players, take out 50 Sturmkriegers by using melee weapons. Like the multiplayer challenge, it’ll take some time to finish, so be patient.

Is the Ice Axe Good in Vanguard?

The ability to kill any opponent in one swipe is vital in games with a fast pace. Such as Shipment and Das Haus. It’s safe to say that an Ice Axe can be described as a one-trick pony because it’s only suitable for close-quarters combat.

If you’re able to construct equipment that will allow you to move and speed across the map at a blazing speed. You’ll be able to achieve many kills. However, If you’re looking for something more flexible, you should consider using one of the numerous weapons available in Vanguard.

You’ve got it. This is how you can access your Ice Axe melee weapon within Warzone and Vanguard. Look up our dedicated pages for the most recent news, leaks, and loadout instructions for the most current information.