The Upcoming Cyclone Asani is Coming Towards Visakhapatnam

Govt issued Red Warning in Bengal about cyclone Jawad. The Alipore Meteorological Department has warned of very heavy rains with gusty winds in coastal districts of Bengal, including Kolkata, on Saturday and Sunday.

Upcoming Cyclone Asani in West Bengal 2022: Is there any Cyclone in Kolkata?  Cyclone Yash, Amphan ruined the coast of West Bengal in the past.  

In Kolkata, the effect of the upcoming cyclone is also possible in the next few hours. There is a chance of heavy rain in all South Bengal districts soon.

In the South Andaman Sea, the cyclone has intensified. In the next few hours, the cyclone is expected to become a depression.

In the South Andaman Sea and the southeast Bay of Bengal, a significant depression will develop.

It will go north-northwest through the central Bay of Bengal. Meteorologists are currently assessing if this depression will develop into a cyclone.

In the next 48 hours, rain is expected in both Bengals. In the coastal districts, there may be additional rain.

Cyclone Asani is likely to make landfall between Visakhapatnam and Bhubaneshwar between May 10 and 11.

Cyclone Asani is expected to proceed northwestwards till the night of May 10 and make landfall in the west-central Bay of Bengal off the coasts of North Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

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From Tuesday, severe to very heavy rains are expected in the coastal area.

It will most likely recurve north-northeastwards and move into the northwest Bay of Bengal off the shores of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

According to the most recent meteorological bulletin, as of 2.30 a.m. on May 10, Cyclone Asani was located over west-central and neighboring southwest Bay of Bengal.

The weather department has issued warnings for fishers not going to the sea during these days.

On Monday, heavy rains are forecast for numerous locations in Kochbihar and Alipurduar in North Bengal, South Bengal. However, rainfall in North Bengal will begin to lessen on the 7th.

However, light rain will fall in sporadic spots for several days in certain areas.

Cyclone Ashani has been named in Sri Lanka. In Tamil, the term ashani denotes “deep rage” or “fierce wrath.” Thirteen nations north of the Indian Ocean are included on the list. These nations will have a total of 189 names in 2020.

The cyclone that will emerge following storm Asani will be named ‘Sitrang,’ Thailand’s name.

On Monday, South Bengal might anticipate scattered showers and thunderstorms. Rain is unlikely to fall in North Bengal today.

From tomorrow, Tuesday, the thunderstorm will impact the coastal areas of South Bengal. Rain and light storms will begin to fall from the clouds.

On Tuesday, one to two showers with thunderstorms reaching 30 to 40 kmph are likely in the coastal areas. On Wednesday and Thursday, heavy rains with gusts of up to 50 kmph are expected in the coastal districts of East Midnapore South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas.

On Wednesday and Thursday, most districts in South Bengal, including Kolkata, are expected to have mild to moderate showers. With a few heavy showers, gusts of up to 40 kmph are expected.

Fishermen have been given till Monday evening to return. Fishermen will not be allowed to go to sea starting tomorrow, Tuesday.

Tourist prohibitions have been enforced on the beaches of Digha and Mandarmoni. All leisure activities and sports have been ordered to cease on the beach.

Will there be any Cyclone in Kolkata? Kolkata Weather Today

According to India Meteorological Department, “A cyclonic circulation is likely to form over South Andaman Sea and neigh. around 04th May. Under its influence, a Low-Pressure Area is likely to form over the same region during the next 24 hours. It is likely to become more marked during the next 24 hours.”

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Upcoming Cyclone in West Bengal 2022

According to the satellite map, another cyclone is coming towards Andaman (West Bengal) on Tuesday evening. The direction of this cyclone will be the coast of Bengal, Kolkata, Medinipur, and Odisha. 

However, it will not damage a lot and lose its strength before the landfall. Due to the low-pressure, heavy rain forecasts in the Ganges, Andaman Island Sunday to Tuesday.

Meanwhile, people started to panic after the cyclone news. After the cyclone, Yash and Amphan people of West Bengal begin to panic about any more upcoming cyclones

Cyclone possible affected area in West Bengal

The lightning will shift direction and go north and northeast on Tuesday night. It will subsequently run out of energy and travel down the Orissa coast, parallel to the northwest Bay of Bengal.

Although it does not directly affect West Bengal, it may cause a large amount of water vapor to enter the coastal districts of South Bengal. This may cause some change in the weather. Due to the low pressure, West Bengal coastal areas may face some light rain.

Kolkata Weather Today

Partly cloudy sky in Kolkata today, Monday. Light to heavy rain with thunderstorms is possible in the afternoon and evening.

The lowest temperature today, Monday morning, was 26.6 degrees Celsius, which is 2 degrees higher than typical.

The highest temperature was 35.3 degrees Celsius yesterday afternoon, which is average. The humidity ranges from 48 to 69 percent. There was no rain.

Preparation for the Upcoming Cyclone in India 2022

In an official statement released two days ago, the Ministry of Home Affairs stated that one National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team had been deployed in Port Blair, with other teams ready to be flown if needed.

According to the Ministry, the Andaman and Nicobar Administration is prepared with appropriate emergency supplies and procedures to safeguard the population and restore infrastructure. 

In addition, fishing, tourism, and shipping have all been suspended. However, fishermen have been encouraged to return home after being out at sea.

The Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all on alert. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced that central ministries are ready to assist if needed. 

The Union Home Secretary has asked central ministries and agencies to regularly watch the situation and communicate with the Andaman and Nicobar Administration.


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