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Upcoming Cyclone in West Bengal 2022: Jawad Cyclone, Red alert in Kolkata, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh

Govt issued Red Warning in Bengal about cyclone Jawad. The Alipore Meteorological Department has warned of very heavy rains with gusty winds in coastal districts of Bengal, including Kolkata, on Saturday and Sunday.

Upcoming Cyclone in West Bengal 2022: Will there be any Cyclone in Kolkata? Tropical Jawad cyclone, cyclone Yash, Amphan ruined the coast of West Bengal in past.  

Kolkata, 13.01.2022: As expected, the weather will change in Bengal from today. That’s what the meteorological office said. However, until today’s morning, the sky over Kolkata and its surroundings were sunny.

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But as of today, it will be partly cloudy. Moreover, the sky was partly cloudy from Tuesday afternoon. And then there is the possibility of heavy rain in the state from Tuesday evening to Sunday.

The meteorological department said the rain might be due to the western storm. Meanwhile, the nighttime temperature has already risen in Bengal due to the storm. And with the end of winter, Bengal floats again.

The meteorological office predicted that the sky would be cloudy with fog this Monday morning. Today, the maximum temperature in Kolkata and adjacent areas will be around 26 degrees and the lowest about 18 degrees.

Will there be any Cyclone in Kolkata? Yellow alert in Kolkata

The maximum temperature on Monday was 27 degrees Celsius. It is three degrees more than normal. On the other hand, the minimum temperature was 17.6 degrees Celsius, two points above average.

According to the Department of Meteorology forecast, the mercury temperature graph will rise until January 15. After that, of course, the winter wonder will not return like this.

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Upcoming Cyclone in West Bengal 2022

According to the satellite map, another cyclone is coming towards West Bengal on Tuesday evening. The direction of this cyclone will be the coast of Bengal, Kolkata, Medinipur, and Odisha. 

However, it will not damage a lot and will lose its strength before the landfall. Due to the low-pressure, heavy rain forecasts in the Ganges, West Bengal, and Odissa from Tuesday (11/01/2022) to Sunday.

Meanwhile, people started to panic after the government issued the yellow alert. After the cyclone, Yash and Amphan people of West Bengal begin to panic for any more upcoming cyclones

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Cyclone possible affected area in West Bengal

Meanwhile, no chance of rain in the South Bengal on Tuesday, but showers and rain are forecast in Darjeeling and Kalimpong. There is also the possibility of rain in the western districts.

There is a chance of moderate rain in the south starting Wednesday. However, the meteorological department said rain might increase on Wednesday evening.

We can expect heavy rainfall in Purulia, Bankura, East and West Burdwan, East and West Midnapore, Howrah, Hooghly, and North and South 24 Parganas of South Bengal.

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