US forest team captured 18 feet Burmese python in Florida

US forest team captured 18 feet Burmese python in Florida.

According to authorities, a team of scientists just caught the largest Burmese python in Florida.

According to a press release from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, the female python was approximately 18 feet long, weighed 215 pounds, and had 122 developing eggs.

According to Ian Bartoszek, a wildlife biologist and the program’s environmental science project manager, the team tracked python movements, eating habits, and habitat utilization using radio transmitters implanted in male “scout” snakes.

“How do you locate the proverbial needle in the haystack? First, you might employ a magnet; similarly, our male scout snakes are drawn to the most extensive available females, “explained Bartoszek.

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In a region in the western Everglades, the team utilized a scout snake called Dionysus, or Dion for short.

The crew discovered him with the biggest female they had ever seen, which confirmed that he was there for a cause.

The female snake was captured and hauled through the woods to the field vehicle with assistance from biologist Ian Easterling and intern Kyle Findley.

According to an autopsy that uncovered hoof cores in its digestive tract, an adult white-tailed deer was the snake’s final meal.

The finding was covered by National Geographic, which highlighted the invasive pythons’ ongoing effects on the local native species and quick breeding.

According to Bartoszek, eliminating female pythons is essential for upsetting the reproduction cycle.

For southern Florida, he said, “This is the wildlife problem of our time.”

Over 1,000 pythons have been taken out of about 100 square miles of southwest Florida since the conservancy’s python program started there in 2013.

According to necropsies, numerous white-tailed deer were discovered within Burmese pythons at that time.

In addition, researchers at the University of Florida have identified 2 reptile species, 47 bird species, and 24 mammal species from pythons’ stomachs.

The biggest python collected in Florida at the time, the most prominent female removed via the conservancy’s program before the new find weighed 185 pounds (84 kilograms), according to authorities.

In August, two weeks are dedicated to the state’s python elimination campaign. Participants may win $2,500 in competition awards to catch the most pythons.