How to Use Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal

Use Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal: Essence Transfer is one of the many unique features in Diablo Immortal, which allows players to transfer or inherit essence between legendary items. The game has some great gear, equipment, and weaponry, but not everything you discover will be appropriate for your class.

This is when Diablo Immortal’s Essence Transfer comes into play. Here’s how to utilize essence transfer in Diablo Immortal if you’re unsure how it works or want some pointers.

What Is Diablo Immortal’s Essence Transfer?

In Diablo Immortal, you’ll find ordinary (white), magical (blue), rare (yellow), and legendary (orange) gear, with legendary items being the most powerful. Every legendary item in the game has an essence, which is a unique quality or ability.

You may transfer the essence of weapon A to weapon B via essence transfer.

There’s a good chance that the legendary goods you uncover in the game won’t fit your class or build. However, every weapon has specific stats or powers you may desire, and essence transfer allows you to get those numbers or abilities.

How to Unlock Transfer of Essence

You must first get two pieces of legendary gear of the same kind to enable essence transfer. Legendaries may obtain via grinding monsters, running dungeons, and rifts, among other methods.

The majority of gamers will get legendaries just by completing the main game.

In Diablo Immortal, How to Use Essence Transfer

Make your way to Zamina, an NPC in Westmarch, after you’ve gotten your hands on two pieces of legendary gear. After rescuing Wortham and completing the primary campaign’s beginning and novice material, this area becomes accessible.

She may find it in Rakkis Plaza with the other merchants, and you can chat with her to utilize the Extract or Inherit function.

To utilize the extraction method, you’ll need 3,000 gold. After you’ve extracted the perk, you’ll be able to click Inherit to choose the gear you want to inherit the new bonus with.

You won’t have to spend anything on this, and selecting the Inherit option will display the item before and after the transformation. After the Inherit procedure is completed, the item’s name, look, and qualities will most likely change.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to using essence transfer in Diablo Immortal. Search for News Gater to get additional tips and advice. Please feel free to browse the pertinent websites below as well.