How to utilize the Magick Flow Detector In Lost Ark

utilize the Magick Flow Detector In Lost Ark: Lost Ark players challenge with utilizing a Magick Flow Detector to check for high-temperature readings at the Nebelhorn oasis during the A Nose For News mission while assisting Hoyte News to break the news of corruption in the Origins of Stern and pollution on Glacier Isle.

While this mission seems as simple as any other Lost Ark quest. The clumsy mechanics of utilizing the detector might make moving through it challenging.

What is the Magick Flow Detector, and how do I use it?

The Magick Flow Detector is an active quest item when it obtain. The player’s character will toss the detector to the area of their cursor if they hit F5. A circular area-of-effect will grow outward from the cursor in a modest radius from this place.

This AoE looks for one of three mission triggers scattered over the field around the oasis. However, although the search radius is modest, the triggers that must be sought are small and precise, making discovering their exact positions mostly a trial and error procedure.

The five-second cooldown after each use of the Magick Flow Detector adds to the difficulty of this quest. As a result, players must carefully choose the most probable spots rather than pressing F5 to seek as many places as possible.

Players should utilize their Magic Flow Detectors on the ribcage fossils poking up from the ground. As a general rule since these sites are likely to mask the essential quest triggers. It may take a few attempts to locate the precise position for each. So try as many areas as possible around the ribs.

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