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Valorant’s Neon and League’s Zeri collaborated .

Valorant’s Neon and League’s Zeri collaborated: Heroes shooter Valorant recently received a pleasant minor update, introducing its latest playable Agent, Neon.

The lightning-fast hard-hitting hitter is well received among players even though it was randomly unlocked on release.

However, some players who have played some of Riot’s games. Noted similarities between Neon and Zeri, the among League of Legends’ newest Champions. This, as it turns out, isn’t a coincidence.

Valorant’s Neon and League’s Zeri collaborated

According to a blog post by Erika Haas on the official website of Valorant, both characters don’t belong to the same person, nor are they related to one.

They create by the two sports teams, headed by Valorant’s JohnGoscicki and League’s Ryan Mireles.

It might seem like fun, though not a lot of fun, information. However, when the blog explains the complicated process, it is apparent that this was much more than an easy swap of colors.

Both games play very differently from one another in the beginning — simply copying and pasting assets isn’t going to cut it.

Teams constructed characters based on a shared energy source, speed, and electricity to overcome this.

From there, concepts like that of the character’s Filipina roots and their characters’ personalities.

Michael Luo’s narrative writer says Neon as “the negative charge” and Zeri as “the positive” — developed organically as the pair gradually began to take shape.

The teams had to work through many other problems in the course of development. However, not the most important was figuring out exciting gameplay elements that didn’t cause harm to their respective games.

However, the results speak for themselves; In addition, Neon and Zeri have come out as an homage to mutual respect. And cooperation between two games that are pretty different.

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