President Joe Biden unveils plan to tackle Omicron in the U.S

President Joe Biden unveils plan to tackle Omicron in the U.S.

Washington: With COVID-19 cases increasing in the U.S. due to the Omicron variant. President Joe Biden unveiled new plans to boost support for hospitals providing COVID-19 testing. 

It includes thousands of fast tests at home and increasing the number of vaccines available, which can lower the risk of the Omicron variant. Omicron variant.

Biden also urged the public to be vaccinated to guard themselves against the deadly virus. In his speech to the White House, Biden said the president was explaining the ways that the government of America was “preparing for the rising number of cases experts tell us we can expect in the weeks ahead.”

In particular, the government is planning to purchase half a million COVID test at-home kits and then mail them to those who need the kits, and delivery will begin on January 1, Biden declared at his White House.

It’s an essential step towards solving Americans’ issues in obtaining COVID test kits at no cost at home throughout the entire pandemic.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the Biden administration is developing details for its test at-home plan. 

It includes the number of tests the public can get from the federal government, which tests would be dispersed to individuals, and whether specific groups will be given priority for tests.

Biden stated, “Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and also got booster shots have a high degree of protection against severe illness.”

Biden also stated that it is not uncommon for people vaccinated to contract COVID-19 due to the latest variant Omicron. 

They will likely not experience any symptoms or only mild symptoms.

However, with Omicron becoming the predominant variation within the U.S., President Joe Biden stated in a presidential speech on Tuesday, “If you’re not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned.”

“The unvaccinated have a significantly higher risk of ending up in a hospital — or even dying,” he stated. In an address in which the president announced that his administration would aim to offer more assistance to hospitals in need and establish federal testing centers and the first to open just before the Christmas season on the streets of New York City this week since the number of cases is increasing.

New Yorkers walked the streets on the weekend to be tested but faced lengthy lines in cold. 

The line at the city-run testing and vaccination center at Times Square on Saturday afternoon was said to have been three hours.

As part of this multifaceted initiative and this multi-pronged effort, FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has deployed planners to evaluate the needs across the country and preposition equipment such as masks, gloves, and ventilators.

The president has announced that FEMA will establish mobile clinics for vaccination throughout the nation. 

There is currently a plan for a mobile clinic within Washington, D.C., and four mobile units in New Mexico.

FEMA will aid in the establishment of additional facilities in high-demand areas in the next few weeks. 

Biden will continue to use the Defense Production Act and other powers to ensure that the U.S. is producing as many tests as fast as possible.


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