Former Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee, embroiled in a high-profile corruption case, said today that he is the victim of a plot. Mr Chaterjee was dismissed from all party posts and his cabinet position after he was detained after searches that netted a record 50 crore in cash and other valuables.

The 69-year-old is held by the Enforcement Directorate and was transferred to a hospital today for a medical examination.

When questioned by reporters, he claimed to be a “victim of a plot.”

During an Enforcement Directorate operation in Kolkata, Rs 29 crore in unaccounted-for cash and five kg of gold jewellery were reportedly discovered in homes owned by his assistant, actor-Instagrammer Arpita Mukherjee (ED).

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The ED detained the pair on July 23 after a 21-crore cash haul was discovered at her Tollygunge home.

Mr Chatterjee’s 30-year-old staffer was observed sobbing, screaming, and refusing to leave a vehicle earlier today before being forcefully dragged into a hospital in Kolkata for a court-ordered inspection.

Ms Mukherjee and the now-suspended Trinamool Congress leader, detained on July 23 in an employment fraud in the state education department, must have 48-hour checks, according to court orders.

Ms Mukherjee was brought in before Partha Chatterjee, who was in a wheelchair.

The CBI is investigating suspected anomalies in the recruitment of Group C and D workers and instructors at government-sponsored and aided schools on the recommendations of the West Bengal School Service Commission, as the Calcutta High Court instructed.

The ED is investigating the money trail associated with the scheme.