The first episode of the anime titled Working for God in a Godless World is out, and the anime fans are disappointed and amused. Why? Read along to find out more.

Fledgling Studio Palette is a Japanese animation house established in 2018. The latest anime series by the animation house features a distinctive combination of 2D and 3D art styles to offer shocking effects. However, this rare combination has left the viewers startled, thus making the anime series the worst animation of the year.

Twitter is full of criticisms about the bizarre scene of the buffalo-like moisture rendered by CGI. On the other hand, some people find the 2D art style underneath the 3D art in the pilot episode promising and decent. However, the unanimous decision is that the CGI makes the animation a huge disappointment overall.

Spring 2023 Anime Season

Let’s briefly review the spring 2023 anime season so far, as it had an incredible start with the debut of the Demon Slayer season 3. Later, more anime series, including Ashe-less Pokemon anime Pokemon Horizons was released.

Before the release of the disappointing pilot episode of Working for God in a Godless World anime, fans have already rejected My Home Hero.

Working for god in a godless World

The anime series features a unique isekai story revolving around Yukito, a young man who his cult leader parents had ritually sacrificed. As a result, Yukito reincarnated into a new strange world without religion.

In the new godless world, the authoritarian nation can control which citizens die and live. Yukito tries to save his friend from the execution mandated by the state, which leads to both of them dying. However, here comes the twist as Yukito’s gods of old religion resurrect both of them.

These days, the isekai genre is becoming popular in Japan and globally. Isekai means other or different worlds featuring pure fiction, including science fiction and portal fantasy. The genre has taken over novels, films, manga, light novels, and video games.

In isekai, a person transports to another fantasy world or parallel universe and faces a powerful protagonist.

Final Word

Despite being a disappointment to anime fans, the writers of the source manga Aoi Akashiro and artist SonshA Hangetsuban have gained popularity in the seinen market. They have been expanding by writing the sixth volume and a spin-off manga with the title What My Older Sister Does in a World Without Gods.

We should give some leverage to the brand-new Studio Palette as they have recently entered the anime industry. Hence, we should keep our fingers crossed, waiting for a better anime adaptation and interesting visuals.

Let’s hold onto our criticism for a while and see what the future episodes hold for the anime fans. If you haven’t seen the first episode of the anime series yet, you can stream it on Crunchyroll. Regarding the manga, it doesn’t have an English distributor, while Hero’s Inc has published the manga in Japanese.