Vladimir Putin urges Russian women to make 10 babies

Vladimir Putin urges Russian women to make 10 babies.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, declared on August 15 that he would pay women a prize of Rs. 13 lakhs if they gave birth to 10 children to repopulate the nation. 

Putin has reinstated the moniker “Mother Heroine,” which Joseph Stalin created in 1944 in response to the country’s massive casualties in World War II.

The birth rate in Russia has been declining for a few years, with numbers dropping by 400,000, bringing the total to 145.1 million. In light of this, Putin is urging Russian ladies to have children to assist the nation in repopulating.

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More than 400,000 people received this honorary title, but it was eliminated in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell apart. Putin has said that to address the nation’s steep demographic decline, “cardinal” actions must be taken.

In Russia, mothers will be given a cash award of 1 million rubles (about 13 lakh rupees) if their tenth kid survives to turn one without dying from terrorism or armed conflict. 

In addition, winners of the “Mother Heroine” competition will get gold medals decorated with the Russian flag. The Moscow Times claims that in terms of importance, the medal is on par with other official orders like the Hero of Labor and the Hero of Russia.