Due to the year-round nature of cricket, India captain Rohit Sharma believes having a solid bench strength is essential, and the team is working to develop one with an eye toward the future.

India has been experimenting with their teams since their shocking group-stage exit from the most recent T20 World Cup, with injuries and fatigue management also playing a role.

On the Star Sports program “Follow the Blues,” Rohit remarked, “We play a lot of cricket; therefore, there will be injuries and workload management, so we have to rotate people.”

However, it provides our bench strength to play the game, which is why we could test so many different players who were prepared to perform on an international platform, he said.

“We want to build up our reserve capacity and ensure that India’s future is in capable hands. That is the kind of planning we are attempting. India is now preparing to be led by Rohit in the forthcoming T20 extravaganza in Australia, but the Asia Cup must come first.

He said that the goal should be to improve daily as a team.

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Rohit remarked, “I don’t know what to anticipate next, but for me specifically, it’s just about getting better every day as a team.”

“That cannot take precedence, whether you win or lose the series. Whether or not we are improving as a team should come first.

The team’s objective is crucial, as are the sections where people participate and contribute to the team’s success. But whatever the team is doing, each person has to support that idea and go in that direction.

In addition to Rohit succeeding Virat Kohli as India’s all-format captain, Ravi Shastri was replaced as the team’s head coach after the T20 World Cup by Rahul Dravid. He had served as captain when Rohit made his ODI debut.

Since assuming control of the Indian cricket squad, Rohit spoke about their discussions.

We got together and discussed how we wanted to move this squad forward in a room after he was hired as the coach, Rohit recalled.

He had much the same thoughts as I had. The coach and captain always needed to be on the same page for the squad to progress in the same direction, so it made it easy for me to convey a clear message to the lads.

“One thing we’ve settled on and share is that we want to convey the proper ideas to the group without causing any misunderstanding.

“That was something we discussed, and we wanted to modify how cricket was played. However, according to Rohit, he was willing to embrace all of the ways we wanted to play in the three forms.