Warning for Covid rise in Kolkata Mumbai and Delhi

Warning for Covid rise in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. 

Four of India’s major metro cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, have reported a dramatic increase in the daily cases of Coronavirus. 

In contrast, Delhi and Mumbai experienced an increase of 40 percent, while cases in Kolkata increased by a third in the space of 24 hours. 

The alarming increase in the megacities of India is occurring at the same time as increasing cases of Omicron, which is the most recent version that is more easily transmitted alarming. 

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain announced this morning that Omicron had been detected in 54 percent of the most recent samples.

Covid 19 cases in Mumbai:

Mumbai reported 3,671 new cases, a daily increase of 46 percent. Delhi recorded 1,313 Covid cases, a 42 percent increase; Kolkata saw 1,090 cases with a 101 percent increase.

The financial capital has seen a fivefold rise in cases within one week. On Friday, Mumbai saw just 683 cases. The number jumped to 3,671 cases today.

Covid 19 cases in Kolkata:

Kolkata, ban on flights: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said that COVID-19 cases in Kolkata were increasing because “it was a hub of transit for those traveling by train and air.” The state also stopped flights to Uttarakhand.

Covid 19 cases in Delhi: 

The national capital reached the milestone with 1,000 cases per day in just a month. Delhi reported 1,313 cases, to be precise. 

This was the most recent increase. On May 26, when the nation’s capital city had reported 1,491 cases, with positive rates of 1.93 percent with 130 fatalities.

A critical factor that can be a source of relief is that there was no new death was reported in one city in the trio of cities. 

In contrast, when cases were increasing during the second wave, each of the three cities experienced multiple deaths in the days when they had reported the same number of instances.

6) Cases in the broad range exceed 10,000 cases: India has reported over 10,000 new Covid cases within 33 days. 

Health Ministry and ICMR, in a press release, stated that there was an urgent need to increase vigilance because of the rapid increase of cases.