Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, responded to CBI searches on his deputy Manish Sisodia on the Delhi government’s now-retracted policy on booze sales by saying the move is “good” and they “would cooperate completely.” Still, he expressed confidence that “nothing will come out.”

The searches at 20 places, including Mr. Sisodia’s official house, are being conducted to look into allegations of corruption under the Delhi government’s New Excise Policy, which was dropped after the case a few weeks ago.

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By noting that the raids took place “a day when the Delhi education model was hailed and Manish Sisodia’s photo put on the front page of America’s major daily NYT (New York Times),” Mr. Kejriwal attempted to highlight Mr. Sisodia’s efforts to reform schools.

“Additionally, there have been a lot of raids in the past. Nothing erupted. Again, nothing will be revealed, he said in Hindi, quoting Manish Sisodia, who described AAP leaders as “kattar imaandar” in a tweet ” (staunchly honest).

Both Mr. Sisodia and the “CBI has arrived; it is welcome, and it is extremely bad that individuals who work hard for our nation are subjected to such abuse. That is why we haven’t yet overtaken the top spot as our nation.”

The following national profile pitch from AAP, “Making India Number 1,” was unveiled by Mr. Kejriwal earlier this week.

Mr. Sisodia provided the NYT top page that the chief minister was alluding to earlier this morning.

In a subsequent tweet on the CBI action, Mr. Sisodia said, “We are creating a future for lakhs of youngsters.”

Bhagwant Mann, the chief minister of Punjab and head of the party’s other state administration, also mentioned the NYT report in a tweet.

He said that Manish Sisodia was India’s most acceptable education minister since independence. “His picture was on the main page of the biggest newspaper in the US today, the NYT.

And Mr. Modi invited the CBI to his home today. How can India advance in this manner? “He blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the incident in a tweet he sent in Hindi.