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Web Series Producer Prilly Latuconsina Tests The World Behind The Scenes

Web Series Producer, Prilly Latuconsina Tests The World Behind The Scenes.

Actress Prilly Latuconsina was met after a press conference to release the Web Series ‘Why Today, Naira?’ in Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (20/10/2021).

Prilly Latuconsina is trying out her new responsibilities as a producer. His debut came in the web series ‘Why Today, Naira?’.

Prilly Latuconsina had imagined that the responsibility as a producer was difficult. But it was not found, considering that an extraordinary team assisted him.

“Incidentally, this is my first series as a producer. I am grateful to have an amazing team. We don’t have problems in creative matters,” said Prilly Latuconsina.

Apart from being a producer, Prilly Latuconsina also appeared in ‘Today Why, Naira?’. His role as the main character with the protagonist character.

Besides Prilly Latuconsina, there is Umay Shahab’s involvement as a director. This series also presents several well-known artists such as Bryan Dominic, Irzan Faiq, Josephine Firmstone, and Unique Priscilla.

The series ‘Today Why, Naira?’ The story itself tells the twists and turns of Naira’s love story, played by Prilly Latuconsina, who has to face the problem of different beliefs.

However, you can watch this 10-episode series on the TrueID Streaming Application.

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