West Bengal may face massive thunderstorms in a few hours

West Bengal may face massive thunderstorms in a few hours.

In a few hours, the Alipore Meteorological Department forecast rain (West Bengal Weather Update) with thunderstorms.

The list includes Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri in North Bengal. Two 24 Parganas of South Bengal, two Midnapore, Purulia, Bankura, two Burdwan will also receive heavy thundershowers. Also, read Again A Fake police officer arrested in Kolkata.

However, heavy rains are unlikely in Kolkata. The meteorological office said that the thunderstorm would be mainly due to low pressure and seasonal axis.

It is learned that depression has formed on the coast of Orissa. At the same time, that part contains the seasonal axis. The combination of the two has created the possibility of heavy rains with thunderstorms in several state districts.

In the next 24 hours, there will be light to moderate rainfall in almost all the districts of North Bengal. It will rain in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Alipurduar, and Kochbihar by Wednesday morning. This situation will continue till Thursday.

Meanwhile, thunderstorms may start in two 24 Parganas, two Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia, and two Burdwan from this morning. There will be heavy rainfall in these districts.

Although there is no possibility of rain in Kolkata, the sky will be cloudy from this morning. The maximum temperature will be 30.4 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees lower than usual.

Besides, the minimum temperature will be 26 degrees Celsius. The relative humidity in the air will be 95 percent. As a result, the discomfort caused by the weather will remain.


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