We are all by now used to the concept of SIM cards, although it has been quite puzzling for a lot of people when it first came out. That was a long time ago, however. Today, everyone is familiar with these, and everyone knows how they work. Well, now that we are all set and that we have a clear understanding of everything, it is time to bring some new confusions to the table, isn’t it?

Have you ever heard of an e-sim before? This is the novelty that can very well replace those cards we have all become so used to. We’ve been using SIM cards for our mobile phones for a long while now, and we have also been adding them to other devices, such as tablets, and they were necessary for us to activate our mobile subscriptions. With the appearance of the e-sim, things have changed a bit, and now you may not need a physical product in order to activate those subscriptions.

If you have heard a bit about this concept already, it is no wonder that you have become quite curious about what it is and how it works. Then, you have also started wondering what the advantages of it are, and whether you should get one for you in Norway. Those are all some rather important questions right there, so we have to start answering them for you right now. Below you will get those answers and thus get a completely clear understanding about what an e-sim is, what it means to have one, and what the advantages are, which will certainly help you decide if you should get it or not.

What Is an E-Sim?

So, without any more ado, let us begin answering your questions. Starting, of course, with the most basic one. What exactly is an e sim and how does it work? As you will see, the concept really isn’t that difficult to understand. Short for embedded sim, this is basically a code that allows you to get your mobile subscription without having to receive the physical piece of plastic that we have by now been placing in our phones and using.

This solution works as a digital sim card. Simply put, you start cooperating with an operator, and instead of receiving that piece of plastic, you receive an e-sim number. When activated through your phone, you are able to use it to make calls and do pretty much anything else you have by now been able to do with the physical product. The number you will receive is actually how the operator will identify you.

This concept has made things a lot easier for the consumer, especially when word goes of changing mobile providers. If you decide, at one point or another, that you want to change your mobile company, you won’t have to change your entire SIM card as well. So, changing providers has never been easier, meaning you don’t have to stick to those poor conditions if you’re not happy with them, and you can easily switch to a new solution when you find one.

Furthermore, this concept also allows you to have multiple subscriptions for one and the same number. This means you can activate your phone, your tablet, and even your smartwatch on the same number instead of needing to get a completely new card and completely new subscriptions. The smartwatch option can be particularly useful for people who tend to leave their phones behind when out and about or for people who have children and want to be able to reach them easily but without the kids having to carry phones with them.

What Are Its Advantages?

If you’ve been reading carefully, then you must have figured out some of the advantages of the e-sim solution, in addition to understanding how those specifically work. In any case, let me make the advantages even clearer here, hoping to help you get a perfect understanding of this type of service and of the benefits it brings to the table. As you will see, there are some quite great advantages to keep in mind when trying to decide if you want to get an e-sim for yourself or not.

Read some more about the advantages of an e-sim here: https://www.techadvisor.com/article/1488093/esims-the-advantages-and-disadvantages-for-smartphone-users.html

First and foremost, and as I’ve already mentioned, with this solution, you get to easily switch mobile networks if you decide to do so at one point or another. No more waiting for the new SIM card to arrive. Just a simple call or a few clicks through your smart device can lead to switching providers. This certainly makes things quite convenient.

Another great advantage lies in the fact that you can actually temporarily switch to another provider and then return to the previous one when you feel like it. This is great for when you find yourself in areas in which there is no reception for your usual network, so you don’t have a signal, but you need it. You will never again not be able to make a phone call or connect to the Internet with this amazing solution.

The fact that you can temporarily switch networks is also great for when you are traveling. Instead of paying roaming costs or buying a local SIM card, you can simply switch to a local network provider while abroad and thus enjoy better convenience and lower costs. If you travel a lot, this can definitely be the perfect solution for you since you won’t have to buy local cards every time and won’t have to pay those large roaming costs.

Furthermore, with the e-sim option, you can have two numbers on one device. This can come quite in handy because you can have a different number for personal use and a different one for business purposes. This is basically the same as having a dual SIM card on your phone, except that it is easier and much more convenient.

And, of course, we cannot neglect the advantage I have already mentioned above – the one about being able to use the same number on different devices, including your smartwatch. I suppose it is completely clear how beneficial this can be for most people. So, think about whether it may be something you need as well.

Should You Get One in Norway?

Now that you have understood what e-sims are, how they work, and what the advantages are, you are wondering whether you should get one for yourself in Norway. Whether you are traveling to Norway for work or for personal reasons, or you are planning on moving there, an e-sim can be a rather advantageous solution for you. As mentioned already, if traveling, you will get to easily and temporarily switch between different mobile networks, allowing you to have a signal wherever you are and allowing you to avoid roaming costs as well. Then, if you want to live in the country, you’ll also get great advantages from this type of solution because you’ll get to use it across multiple devices, as well as easily switch providers if you come across a better plan.

How to Get a Good One?

The question of how to get a great one is also important. As you may have guessed all on your own, the trick is to do your research and check out various different solutions before deciding which one is best for you. Of course, the point is in choosing the right mobile subscription providers because the e-sim will function the same way with all of them, and it is actually the cost of your subscription that will vary. Take your time, thus, to check out numerous solutions and compare them, aiming at ultimately making the best possible choice and being happy with it.