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What is Florona? know all about this flu plus corona

What is Florona? know all about this flu plus corona. 

Israel has recorded the first case of “Florona,” a double infected with COVID-19 as well as influenza, known as “Florona.” 

Arab News took to social media and tweeted, “#Israel records the first case #florona disease. Double infection of #COVID19 influenza.”

What is Florona?

A pregnant woman became the first to report Florona earlier this week. Many media quotes Yedioth Ahronoth as saying that the young woman wasn’t vaccinated.

The news about Florona was announced when Covid-19 was experiencing a surge in India and worldwide. Also, the Omicron, a new Covid-19 variant, is rapidly spreading. 

However, experts say that the disease is not new. It is having both flu and COVID-19. 

Israel has seen a lot of cases of influenza in recent years. Doctors in Israel say they are currently studying the disease.

The fourth dose of Covid-19 in Israel

On Friday, Israel’s national healthcare providers began giving fourth shots against COVID-19 to people with compromised immune systems. 

According to Time of Israel, the Director-General of the Health Ministry, Nachman Ash, approved the administration of boosters to immuno-suppressed patients due to the Omicron virus infection wave. 

However, at least four months must have passed since the last shot.

Ash also approved vaccinations for elderly patients in geriatric facilities on Friday, December 31st. 

According to the publication, the ministry stated that this was due to “concerns about outbreaks at such facilities and the risk to residents’ health and lives.” 

According to reports, Israel has seen an increase in COVID-19-related cases.

Delmicron debate

Leading health experts advised people to ignore rumors and wait for global health agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm or deny a new Coronavirus strain called ‘Delmicron.’

There is no Covid variant at the moment and no information on any other mutation of SARS-CoV-2 after Omicron. However, this virus is rapidly spreading around the world.

Neither the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) nor the Indian national Covid-19 taskforce has spoken out about the so-called Delmicron’. 

Some reports suggest that it could have been a mixture of Omicron and Delta variants. So it’s not a new variant, but two strains of Covid-19 are attacking each other.



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