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What is the best way to Beat War Chief Escharum in Halo Infinite?

Best way to Beat War Chief Escharum in Halo Infinite: A fair and challenging boss fight is the key to determining the quality of a game. The good news is that Halo Infinite Campaign mode passes this test. 

Master Chief has a lot of enemies in the game, but not all enemies are equally powerful. Escharum, however, is quite a challenge. So if you’re struggling to defeat Escharum or want some strategies before taking on Escharum, you’re in the right spot. 

Let’s look at ways to defeat and beat Escharum on the Halo Infinite Campaign.

The best method to Beat War Chief Escharum in Halo Infinite

Three phases are involved in the boss fight. While phases 1 and 3 employ almost the same strategy, two is when things become interesting. 

Let’s look at the distinct stages of Escharum and learn how to beat Escharum. Additionally, you can learn about general guidelines you can apply to each of the three phases.

Escharum Phase 1

This is the easiest part because you must do two things. The first is to move around and hide whenever possible. And the other is to shoot Escharum. 

In this situation, Escharum will chase you but at a slower pace. Therefore, you only need to be on the lookout for the sound of his gun. Once you spot an opportunity to fire, you must shoot at him to reduce his health. Repeat this process until the Shield is activated.

 After he activates his first Shield, the next stage begins.

How do you overcome Escharum Phase 2 in Halo Infinite?

As I said, the situation gets interesting as long as you remove the Shield. It is impossible to harm Escharum. This is where you’ll find the assistance of The Weapon known as Cortana, and she will tell you that to hurt him, you’ll have to destroy the Relays or Power Cells. 

The destruction of the Relays will reduce his Shield, and once it is gone, the battle will be much like the first phase. Therefore, you must destroy four Relays before activating the third phase.

Be aware that you should not attack Escharum while his Shield is over since it could cause damage to Echo and Echo. The most effective way to take down the Relays is to lure Escharum to a safe distance, and when he’s far enough away, that he can break them. 

Grappleshot is an excellent tool during this battle. After you have destroyed all Relays and done enough damage, it will be time to unleash the Gravity Hammer. This signals that the 3rd and final phase is about to begin.

Escharum Phase 3 Guide

It is straightforward to master if you maintain your distance. However, it can also aggravate if it cannot ward off the attacks. Contrary to the gunshots in the two previous phases, which gradually erode their health over time, the hammer can do much damage with just one strike.

 It’s a game lost if you’re not careful. This is the point where the hard part is over.

Make sure to put your Thrusters and Grappleshot into good use. Eventually, you’ll be able to achieve distance with ease. Then, you can begin to deal with the damage when you’ve got an opening. 

Another advantage of this phase is that Escharum attacks in a unidirectional manner. This means that if you can time and aim correctly, you could get a lot of headshots.

General Tips to Avoid Being Hit and the Recommended Weapons

The steps themselves are pretty straightforward; therefore, this section is limited to four points for you to consider.

  • Use Grappleshot. It’s your most trusted all-rounder in this fight. It’s easy to make a space between yourself and Escharum in the right way. Not only does this aid in avoiding the risk of injury, but it will also help you avoid taking. However, the more significant the gap, the longer it takes to allow Escharum to attack you. This means you will have more space to take on the most damage you can before running again.
  • Get Covered: Take Cover is an easy tip that you must know. Escharum will use a distanced attack in the initial two-phase phases, which means that even if you make an opening between you and him, he can’t strike you. This is where Cover comes in; if you’re conscious of your surroundings, you will be able to avoid being hit.
  • Use the Shock Rifle or Plasma Grenades: Even even though you could defeat him using any weapon following the steps above, however, you can gain an edge when fighting with the aid of specific weapons. They are the Shock Rifle, and the Plasma Grenades can do more damage when compared with other guns. However, you can also employ the Skewer and Rocket launcher while combating the tiger.
  • There’s no shortage of weapons. The location where the battle is taking place is full of weapons that the Master Chief could use. Therefore, when you’re in the middle of the action, grab a gun that you think will aid you the most during this stage.

This is the guide on beating and defeating Escharum during the Halo Infinite Campaign. Once you’ve defeated Escharum and are ready to, you can take a break from the Campaign mode and try your hand at Multiplayer. 

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