What To Do Following the Burning of Erdtree in Elden Ring?

What To Do Following the Burning of Erdtree: Internalizing the Erdtree is just one of the many endings that you’ll find within Elden Ring. This Eritrea is a vibrant and well-known tree within Lands Between. A symbol of the game’s vast world This tree is significant in the game world.

 Thus, burning it could cause some apprehension and raise doubts about what will happen after burning the tree’s radiant glow. This guide will dispel doubts and much more. 

Keep studying to find out what you should do following the burning of Erdtree within Elden Ring.

What do you do following Burning Erdtree in Elden Ring?

Burning the Erdtree is an essential aspect of the journey to find out what is behind the primary narrative that is Elden Ring. When you decide to torch the Erdtree within Elden Ring, you will gain access to the region beyond Erdtree.

After the burning of Erdtree, Lyndell will transform into The Ashen Capital. It will also be necessary to defeat and fight Sir Gideon the All-Knowing and Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. In doing so, you will be able to discover what lies beyond Erdtree.

In addition to these negative consequences burning Erdtree could also trigger the death of a few NPCs. If you intend to access missions within the game, it is important to decide ahead of time if you would like for the tree to be burned or not. 

Because some NPCs will be killed after the burning of the tree, you’ll not be able to access their missions or quests. Also, some locations on the map will become closed and therefore unavailable to players.

In addition, you could decide to buy this Age of Order ending to reverse the burn of Erdtree.

There you go. This is essentially what happens after you have burned the Erdtree in the Elden Ring and what you have to do when the tree does burn. 

It is recommended to burn the tree after you have completed all side quests and quests. So, you aren’t risking anything burning the tree about any missions or quests. In the final analysis, your choice to burn Erdtree is not entirely dependent on you.

Now that you know what happens during the burning of Erdtree and the surrounding area have the time to look through the Elden Ring Guides.


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