WhatsApp message reaction features coming soon

WhatsApp message reaction features coming soon in a new form: what are the changes?

WhatsApp will add a message reaction feature soon. However, recently a screenshot of this feature has gone viral. And there is the aspect of the WhatsApp message reaction function.

Reaction to WhatsApp message allows customers to react to each news through emoji.

As seen in the leaked screenshot, customers will be able to react to WhatsApp messages through emojis.

In addition, according to WhatsApp, the redesign work of this messaging application has started.

Android beta subscribers have already started using WhatsApp’s new user interface.

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WhatsApp message reaction features will be available in the stable version soon. WhatsApp is also changing the design of the chat bubble.

This information recently came from the WABetaInfo website. This portal also highlights how a new message reaction will work.

If someone reacts to the chat, that emoji will appear next to the chat bubble. As a result, it is easy to see who responded to a message.

Also, the screenshot reveals that users can use emoji to react to WhatsApp messages.

However, there are already message reaction functions on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram. But, this time, WhatsApp will add this feature to their app.

According to the report, the shape of the chat bubble is changing in the new design. You will see the rounded corner of the chat bubble and the fresh green color.

This feature has already reached the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.


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