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Where To Farm Erdleaf Flower In Elden Ring

Farm Erdleaf Flower In Elden Ring : When you go to Elden Ring, there are a lot of items that you can make with different kinds of materials. You can find these materials in various places around Lands Between, or they can be given to you by enemies. 

Erdleaf Flower is one of the materials used to make new items. It’s possible to use these flowers to create several important things. So, here’s where you can farm the Erdleaf Flower in Elden Ring.

Location of Elden Ring Erdleaf Flower Farm
Below are the locations where you can grow the Erdleaf Flowers.
  • As you begin the gameyou will display four Erdleaf flowers. You can find the Four Belfries in Liurnia of Lakes.
  • You can find Three of these flowers next to the Foot of Belfries Site of Grace.
  • Can find the fourth behind the work.
  • You can grow as many Erdleaf plants as you like because it is close to the Site of Grace. To reload the Flowers, rest at the Site Of Grace.
  • Another place you can find an Erdleaf Flower is close to the Gate front Site of Grace.
  • After you have rest at the Site of Grace, stop and head in the southwest direction. The glowing dusk-yellow bloom will find.
  • After you have collected the flower, leave it at the Grace site to make it respawn.

You can also find Erdleaf flowers in these other locations:

    • The Callu Baptismal Church has the Erdleaf Flower.
    • These flowers are near the Church of Pilgrimage.
    • Can find these flowers in the Weeping Peninsula, located to the southwest of Limgrave.
    • To find Erdleaf flowers, head to the southeast of the Church of Vows at Liurnia of Lakes.
    • These flowers can stack and used as crafting material.
    • You can make a Warming Stone or Grace Mimic with Erdleaf flowers.

This is all about where to grow the Erdleaf flowers in Elden Ring. Many people enjoyed this guide. Please check out our other guides.




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