WHO reports 50000 monkeypox cases

WHO reports 50,000 monkeypox cases: According to WHO data released on Wednesday, more than 50,000 cases of monkeypox have reported worldwide. However, the virus’ spread in Europe and the US is slowing.

50,496 cases and 16 fatalities were reported to the World Health Organization this year, and the epidemic was deemed a worldwide public health emergency in July.

According to WHO Head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The decrease in new cases demonstrated that the epidemic may stop.

WHO is the top monkey pox expert?

It is good to see a consistently decreasing trend in Canada. Still, numerous nations in the Americas, which account for more than half of reported cases, continue to experience rising infections, he said at a news conference.

“The epidemic is slowing down in certain European nations, like Germany and the Netherlands, proving the value of community participation and public health efforts in identifying illnesses and halting transmission.

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These indications support what we have been saying from the beginning: that this is an epidemic that can prevent with the appropriate steps.

Since early May, there has an increase in monkeypox infections among males who have sex with men outside of the African nations, which has long been expected.

On July 24, the WHO declared it, along with COVID-19, a public health emergency of worldwide concern, raising the alert level to its maximum.

Three things required for the eradication of monkeypox, according to Tedros:

  • The proof that it is achievable is now emerging.
  • political will and commitment.
  • The execution of public health interventions in the populations that most urgently need them.

“Monkeypox is not something we must tolerate.”

Incidents in 101 countries

One hundred and one territories have reported instances, although only 52 have reported new cases in the previous seven days; of these, 27 have reported numbers in the single digits.

The United States (17,994), Spain (6,543), Brazil (4,693), France (3,547), Germany (3,467), Britain (3,413), Peru (1,463), Canada (1,228), and the Netherlands are the nations that have reported more than a thousand cases to the WHO overall (1,160).

Health officials’ data suggests that there has lately been a minor slowdown in the number of new infections in the US.

Meanwhile, the director of WHO Europe stated on Tuesday that there were “encouraging” signals that the epidemic was slowing down and moving “in the correct direction” throughout the continent.

Large boil-like skin sores, fever, and muscle pains are all symptoms of the illness.

The WHO has received reports of four fatalities in Nigeria, three in Ghana, two from Spain and the Central African Republic, and one from Brazil, Belgium, Ecuador, India, and Cuba.

Why does the monkeypox virus spread?

Physical contact of any type with a person who has the virus puts them in danger of contracting it as well, according to Rosamund Lewis, technical lead for monkeypox at the WHO.

She said at the press conference on Wednesday that “the most majority today are still among males who have sex with men, whether they be homosexual, bisexual, or otherwise have contact with other men who have monkeypox.”

Lewis emphasized that there has been no evidence yet of monkeypox spreading through blood transfusions.

“There have undoubtedly been instances of the monkeypox virus’ DNA find in semen.” However, she cautioned that additional research was still in progress and noted that one study had shown how the virus might isolate from that sample.