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Wordle Answer 295: April 10, 2022, Word Solution

Wordle Answer 295: April 10: Wordle answer 295 for April 10, 2022. A few less common letters are needed to solve today’s puzzle. Help! It has one vowel in position three. Need more help? Now for Wordle 295’s answer.

What is the Wordle answer 295? (April 10, 2022)

Wordle 295 is “BLACK.”

Black is an adjective that implies “of the deepest color due to the absence or total absorption of light; the opposite of white” or “of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.” As a noun, it implies “a dark-skinned person, especially one of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.” (Oxford Languages definitions)

While “BLACK” does not contain any duplicate letters, it does have some unusual letters. This is because many initial predictions include a significant number of vowels. Then the more prevalent “L”. The letters “B,” “C,” and “K” will be challenging to find and may require many guesses before being discovered.

Problem-solvers should use all available guesses to remove as many letters as possible. On Hard Mode, where players must use confirmed guesses in all subsequent attempts, it is best to use each new guess to remove as many potential letter possibilities as possible.

Are you looking for more Wordle fun today? Then check out this instruction on playing the previous day’s games. Open an Incognito tab or delete your browser cookies to retry today’s puzzle.

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