Yogi Adityanath to remain boss in UP as party rises

Yogi Adityanath to remain boss in UP as party rises for assembly polls.

The words of thanks from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP Chief JP Nadda have not only silenced critics of Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath but also show that he will be the party’s leadership choice to lead. next year’s assembly elections.

A senior Uttar Pradesh party official told IANS that all doubts among cadres about the party’s face have now been removed in next year’s assembly elections. “Recent party movements have shown that the central leadership has full faith in the government of Yogi Adityanath and the BJP will contest the assembly elections under his leadership,” he said.

A party member pointed out that the removal of Santosh Gangwar from the union cabinet also cemented Adityanath’s position in the state even before the words of praise from the prime minister and the party chief came through.

In May, then-union labor minister Gangwar had written to Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister pointing out mismanagement in handling the second wave of Covid in his Bareilly parliamentary constituency. During a shakeup in the union cabinet this month, Gangwar was removed.

The recent resounding victory of the saffron party in Zila panchayat and the bloc head elections has also established Prime Minister Adityanath’s political skills. A senior party leader said: “Despite accusations from the opposition party about the misuse of the state machinery, one thing is clear: he (Adityanath) knows how to play. The results show that he knows all the tricks of the game. politics”.

The words of the prime minister and Nadda have given a boost to the Adityanath government, which faced criticism from the opposition and within the party for its handling of the second wave of Covid.

A senior party official told IANS that the consecutive words of thanks sent a strong message against Adityanath’s detractors that they should prepare to fight the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections under his leadership.

“The message is loud and clear that there is no changing of the guard in the state and Adityanath will lead the elections under the leadership of the Prime Minister and the central leadership. He will be the face of the party in the state,” he said.

On July 14, during a visit to his parliamentary constituency in Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi praised the efforts of the Adityanath government in managing the second wave of Covid. He said that the efforts made by the Uttar Pradesh government to address the coronavirus situation are commendable. The Prime Minister also appreciated the development-oriented approach of the Adityanath government and the guarantee of the rule of law in Uttar Pradesh.

On July 15, addressing the Uttar Pradesh BJP state executive meeting, Nadda praised Adityanath’s style of government and said that it had made Uttar Pradesh a “leading state”. “While Prime Minister Modi had given a new direction to the country, Yogi Adityanath had put Uttar Pradesh on the path of development,” Nadda had said.

Amid speculation about his impeachment in June, trade union defense minister Rajnath Singh was the first to appreciate the work of the Adityanath government.

A senior party leader said Prime Minister Modi and Nadda have also silenced criticism of the prime minister on the social engineering front by giving different caste representation in recent organizational appointments. “All the recent organizational appointments have taken all the factors of social engineering and given representation to the entire cast and the region,” he said.



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