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Zelda Fan Shows Off an Impressive Collection of Games

Zelda Fan Shows Off an Impressive Collection of Games: Through the decades, Nintendo has created many video game series that has been a hit. 

However, none of them have been around for as long as the Legend of Zelda series. 

The series began with The Legend of Zelda for the NES in 1986. The series has since produced a variety of mainline games and spin-offs. 

Recently, a fan expressed their appreciation to the franchise strikingly.

In an update on Reddit, one user named TetraBall posted an image of an array of games. They’ve been able to collect. 

It was, however, not a typical collection as it was a Zelda theme. Additionally, one element that stood out was its dimensions. 

Nearly every game from the series was available for viewing from the latest releases like Breath of the Wild and Cadence of Hyruleto classic games such as Link to the Past and Majora’s Mask.

Apart from the games mentioned above, the collection contained a variety of other memorabilia. 

The items in the collection included art books, the golden Wii remote, and several Amiibo figures.

 The collector also had an unreleased DVD of the animated TV show inspired by these games.

Zelda Fan Shows Off an Impressive Collection of Games

In addition to showcasing the entire collection, TetraBall provided some details on how they could discover all the Zelda titles.

 According to a Reddit member, they bought several limited edition games just before their release. But they did not increase in value. 

Additionally, they pointed out that many older games could purchase at fair costs if they were not in perfect condition. 

Additionally, some games were given to friends who no longer desired to play these games. 

Finally, although TetraBall was the only company to acquire all games from Zelda: Game & Watch, it admitted that they were searching for the first Zelda: Game & Watch from 1989.

The vast collection of games and other accessories of The Legend of Zelda franchise caught the eye of many followers on Reddit. 

With more than 3,900 likes within less than a day, many awe by the variety of games on display. 

Additionally, many were astonished to learn that TetraBall even included some of the Zelda titles available for the CD-i. 

In addition, this collection has led others to find these classic games themselves. “Some among these titles I’ve never played! I need to learn these games and beat them as well,” one gamer commented.

It’s often thrilling to watch fans show their love for the Legend of Zelda series like this collection of games released by TetraBall.

 In the wake of Breath Of The Wild 2, scheduled to launch sometime by 2022, the creator will likely be able to release a different game to add to their game catalog.

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