14 people gang rape of a woman in Bihar

14 people gang rape of a woman in Bihar: She is in serious condition.

A 32-year-old woman was gang-raped in Gaya, Bihar. She was raped by 14 criminals, knocked unconscious, and fled.

He subsequently, he was admitted to the hospital. However, the hospital authority reported the physical condition of the victim to be critical.

What exactly happened? The woman was kidnapped from her home. Villagers saw him riding his bicycle to an island in the Falgu River. But they couldn’t understand it because it was dark.

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Then 12 more young people were seen riding there on 5 more bikes. It was then that the people of the Tonak Nare area. At the same time, they informed the police.

Upon receiving the news, the police arrived on the island and found the woman lying there in a bloody state. Police find her completely naked.

Therefore, the police recovered the clothes and shoes of the criminals there. The whole matter is being investigated. The police are searching the surrounding villages in search of the accused.

The tortured woman was allegedly raped by 14 malefactors one by one. When she tried to stop them, they brutally beat her. Numerous scars have been reported all over her body.

Therefore, she has been admitted to the Gair Magadha Medical College. With that, the girl hopes to regain consciousness of her. The police are questioning the villagers to identify the culprits.

It is believed that it will be easier to find the culprits if we obtain their statement. DSP investigating officer Ghuran Mandal said they had filed a case against the rapists.


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