4 Marines Killed in Bomb Blasting at Kabul airport

4 Marines Killed in Bomb Blasting at Kabul airport, including several people and children.

4 Marines Killed in Bomb Blast: There are no signs that Kabul is calming down. The blast took place at the east gate in front of the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul. However, at this moment, we are not sure about how many Americans killed in the bombing at Kabul airport.

According to local sources, the shooting occurred just after the Kabul bomb blast. The explosion also happened outside the Baron Hotel.

However, it is known that a suicide attack caused the explosion. The shooting started immediately after the explosion.

Updated: According to the latest news that comes from Afghanistan, around 13 US Marines were killed in yesterday’s bomb blast at Kabul Airport.

4 US Marines in Kabul killed by the bombing at Kabul Airport

According to local media, that the militants began fighting with the US military. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed the blast on Twitter.

He said there was an explosion. He noted that the number of victims is not yet precise. More than 4 Marines Killed in the bomb blast in Kabul on 26 August 2021.

However, a media report said that at least three US soldiers were injured in the incident. On the other hand, another explosion was reported outside a hotel.

A member of the Taliban said that at least 13 people, including children, were killed in the attack. More than 52 people were injured.

The Turkish Defense Ministry also confirmed two explosions outside the airport. However, there were indications that the Turkish forces suffered no casualties in the incident.

The explosion occurred outside the airport and the Baron Hotel. The blast occurred a few minutes later. Various images from the scene showed several injured civilians.

Many of the clothes were found to be soaked with blood. As seen in the picture, they are being rescued from the shattered building. However, it is not confirmed yet how many US Marines were killed by that bomb blast.

As per the local media, they are claiming around 10 Marines Killed in Bomb Blast in Kabul Airport on Thursday.

On the other hand, the shooting sparked outrage shortly after an Italian military plane took off from Kabul airport. The Italian Defense Ministry reported the news.

As soon as the news came, the excitement spread. However, shortly after that, Afghan forces reportedly opened fire to disperse the crowd.

The US military says a car bomb exploded at an Iraqi police recruitment center in Kisak, west of Kabul. That is why the United States military quickly began evacuating Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The British and Australian governments said there could be a militant attack at the airport at any moment.

It was not immediately clear which group carried out the attack. Australia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “a militant group is plotting to sabotage the Kabul airport.”

In the meantime, within 24 hours of the warning, that fear came true.


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