Afghan Resistance forces killed Hundreds of Taliban

Afghan Resistance forces killed Hundreds of Taliban and occupied 3 districts.

Five days later, the Taliban’s victory chariot stopped. After Panjshir, three districts, including Pul-e-Hesar in Baglan province, were recaptured by the Taliban.

According to local sources, substantial repercussions were felt in the Pal-i-Hisar, Deh-e-Salah, and Banu districts of northern Kabul. The Afghans surrounded the jihadi forces from all sides.

After a bloody struggle, they wiped out hundreds of Taliban and restored the independence in these three districts. After the victory, the resistance said, “The Taliban did not walk that path even though they spoke of forgiveness, so there is no language of forgiveness for them either.”

Last Sunday, the Taliban came to Kabul to occupy one province after another. Two decades later, the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. In the previous five days, Afghans have seen the trailer of the future.

The Taliban terrorized the whole country. In desperate attempts to flee the country, many have been crushed on the wheels of US planes.

To the Afghan people, this is a reckless move less frightening than the terror of the Taliban at gunpoint.

In the midst of all this, rekindled the light of hope. This time the radical organization is facing retaliation.

However, like every time, the first push came to Panjshir. Kneeling in Taliban terror is the only high-ranking Panjshir in the whole of Afghanistan.

Following that path, the three districts near Panjshir are now free of Taliban rule. According to the Afghan News Agency, the Taliban suffered the most casualties in the clashes. Afghan fighters killed many Taliban.

In this, the rest of the country of pesta, khoba, and walnut is seeing the light of liberation.


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