Agnipath “Golden Opportunity” to Join Military: Rajnath Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh backed the government’s decision to approve today’s new ‘Agnipath’ military recruiting plan. He added that it provides a “great chance” for young people to join the military and serve their nation.

The ‘Agnipath’ policy permits people chosen for the program, known as ‘Agniveers,’ to serve in the military for four years.

“The national government’s Agnipath initiative provides a wonderful chance for the country’s young to join the defence system and serve their country. ‘I am Agniveer,’ with its freshness, is their own identity “, Mr Singh said.

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“Many young people were denied the option to join the army for two years due to a block in the recruiting procedure. This is a proven truth. As a result, with the permission of the Prime Minister, the government has decided to raise the age restriction for the recruitment of Agniveers from 21 to 23 years, bearing in mind the future of the young and demonstrating sympathy to them, “he said

“The government has granted this one-time exception. Many young people will be immediately eligible to become Agniveers due to this. In a few days, the recruiting process will begin. I urge all young people to prepare for military service and to make the most of it, “he said

Mr Singh is on a two-day visit to Jammu & Kashmir.

The ‘Agnipath’ program fundamentally alters the military recruiting procedure. However, in response to criticism from the opposition and public outcry over the new policy, the government decided to raise the maximum age restriction for enlisting ‘Agniveers.’

The centre stated that the ‘Agniveer’ upper age restriction for recruiting through the ‘Agnipath’ plan had been expanded to 23 years from 21 years as part of a one-time waiver.