All Mobs Tier List in Minecraft (April 2022)

All Mobs Tier List in Minecraft: Minecraft can be described as an open-world Sandbox game where players can play as they please. But having only players across a vast world would be pretty dull. 

Therefore, the Devs have introduced Mobs to the game. Every update adds new Mobs with distinctive features and functions. However, which ones are the most effective. 

Therfore to answer this question, I’ve created this Tier List of all the mobs in Minecraft, starting from the S Tier up to the Level F Tier.

Every Mobs Tier Liste in Minecraft 2022

Here this is the list of Tiers of all Minecraft 1.19’s Mobs on the map in Minecraft 1.19.

Tier Mob Type
S Tier Allay Passive
S Tier Bee Neutral
S Tier Cow Passive
S Tier Iron Golem Neutral
S Tier Mooshroom Passive
S Tier Shulker Hostile
S Tier Slime Hostile
S Tier Strider Passive
S Tier Villager Passive
S Tier Warden Hostile
S Tier Wolf Neutral
S Tier Zombie Villager Hostile
A Tier Axolotl Passive
A Tier Cat Passive
A Tier Chicken Passive
A Tier Creeper Hostile
A Tier Dolphin Neutral
A Tier Enderman Neutral
A Tier Frog Passive
A Tier Ghast Hostile
A Tier Goat Neutral
A Tier Hoglin Hostile
A Tier Horse Passive
A Tier Ocelot Passive
A Tier Parrot Passive
A Tier Pig Passive
A Tier Piglin Neutral
A Tier Rabbit Passive
A Tier Sheep Passive
A Tier Skeleton Hostile
A Tier Turtle Passive
A Tier Witch Hostile
A Tier Wither Skeleton Hostile
A Tier Zombified Piglin Neutral


All Mobs Tier List in Minecraft

B Tier Blaze Hostile
B Tier Cod Passive
B Tier Donkey Passive
B Tier Drowned Hostile
B Tier Fox Passive
B Tier Guardian Hostile
B Tier Husk Hostile
B Tier Llama Neutral
B Tier Magma Cube Hostile
B Tier Mule Passive
B Tier Panda Neutral
B Tier Pufferfish (defensive) Passive
B Tier Salmon Passive
B Tier Skeleton Horse Passive
B Tier Snow Golem Passive
B Tier Tadpole Passive
B Tier Trader Llama Neutral
B Tier Zoglin Hostile
B Tier Zombie Hostile


All Mobs Tier List in Minecraft

C Tier Cave Spider Neutral
C Tier Elder Guardian Hostile
C Tier Glow Squid Passive
C Tier Piglin Brute Hostile
C Tier Pillager Hostile
C Tier Polar Bear Neutral
C Tier Skeleton Horseman Hostile
C Tier Spider Neutral
C Tier Stray Hostile
C Tier Tropical Fish Passive
C Tier Vindicator Hostile
D Tier Bat Passive
D Tier Chicken Jockey Hostile
D Tier Evoker Hostile
D Tier Phantom Hostile
D Tier Ravager Hostile
D Tier Spider Jockey Hostile
D Tier Squid Passive
F Tier Endermite Hostile
F Tier Silverfish Hostile
F Tier Vex Hostile
F Tier Wandering Trader Passive

Then comes an excellent Tier. However, it falls a bit compared to the S Tier. B Tier contains Okayish and average Mobs. The Tiers C & D contain either poor to terrible Mobs. They are either not effective or are just plain frustrating for players. So this is the Tier List of all Mobs in the
1.19 update of Minecraft. As you will see, the top Mobs are located on the S Tier. They give lots of value to players with minimal hassle. 

They are either not very useful or just plain annoying. F Tier contains some of the most annoying Mobs that exist in Minecraft. They are the most difficult to defeat.

This is what was on the Mobs Tier List in Minecraft 2022. I hope this guide has given you some insight. We can also look at our guides, such as How to Backup Your World in Minecraft.