Another 'assassination attempt' on Putin's car

Another ‘assassination attempt’ on Putin’s car: Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, allegedly escaped an attempted murder. According to a story in Euro Weekly News, Putin was riding in a spoof motorcade when the incident happened. A Kremlin source reportedly informed the General GVR Telegram group.

The publication withheld information about the assassination attempt’s timing.

Since Russia began its military action in Ukraine, stories have emerged regarding Putin’s health and assassination attempts. For example, a “loud bang” on Putin’s car’s left front wheel follow by a lot of smoke. According to the information posted on the Telegram channel.

Putin’s vehicle was escorted to safety by authorities without incident. However, the security services have detained several people concerning the attempted murder.

In addition, some of Putin’s bodyguards are said to have “disappeared” after allegations that his movements monitor.

According to a Kremlin source, Putin was reportedly using a fake convoy to go to his home on an unknown day amid rising security concerns. According to reports, Putin was driving the third of his five cars.

As per the Telegram channel, the second escort vehicle was moving without obstructions, while the first escort car “blocked by an ambulance.” It said that the corpse of the individual operating the ambulance who obstructed Putin’s initial escort car had discovered.

Darya Dugina, the daughter of the political philosopher Alexander Dugin of Russia, perished in a vehicle explosion close to Moscow earlier in August. Russia has claimed that Ukraine was responsible for Dugina’s murder. Ukraine has vehemently denied any role in her killing, however.

Ukrainian defense officials said earlier in May that Russian President Vladimir Putin had escaped an attempted murder roughly two months before.

According to Kyrylo Budanov, chief of Ukraine’s Chief Intelligence Directorate, a “totally failed effort” to assassinate Putin occurred around two months ago, according to an interview with Ukrainska Pravda.

According to Budanov, “Putin was the target of an assassination attempt.” He said that “representatives of the Caucasus” assaulted Putin.