Begin and Finish O Archon in Genshin Impact

Begin and Finish O Archon in Genshin Impact: Here are the steps for beginning and finishing the O Archon. Have I Done Right? Genshin Impact‘s global quest.

Genshin Impact world missions often appear randomly and provide satisfying rewards for completing them. But finding some of them may be challenging. We can assist you if you’re experiencing problems with this one.

Impact of Genshin Have I Done It Correctly, O Archon? Journey Map

How to Complete a World Quest

This world quest is challenging since it won’t be accessible until these two Inazuma Adventurers’ Guild Commissions have been completed in the following ways:

Hear me, Archon!

O Shrine, Display Your Strength Once More!

Hear me, Archon!

Shouta will offer you the first mission, O Archon, Hear Me!, near the shrine in Inazuma to the west of the teleport waypoint.

You’ll need to ask Yayoi Nanatsuki to teach him how to produce lacquerware after you get the task so that you may present it to the shrine.

Be careful to choose the Tricolor Dango option when Nanatsuki refuses since manufacturing lacquerware will take longer than at night. The bright spot that appears next to the shrine can then interact with after one day has passed.

O Shrine, Display Your Strength Once More!

O Shrine, demonstrate Your Power Once More! First, select a location and a menu item. You must then get the Commission again and choose the other side with the meal choice.

You’ll need good luck since commissions are sometimes paid each day randomly. However, as these are Inazuma Commissions, you may access your Handbook and change the settings for Commissions in the top-right to only be shown with Inazuma Commissions.

Your chances of receiving the ones you need will arise as a result.

O Archon, have I completed the Genshin Impact quest correctly?

When you approach Shouta at the same shrine from the Commissions above in Inazuma City after doing the chores above, O Archon, Have I Done Right? It ought to show up as a global quest.

O Archon, Have I Done This Right? : How to Finish Impact in Genshin

The actual world quest is simple to complete. Then, go to the shrine close to the city after speaking with Shouta. You ought to have it marked. There, you may easily defeat the Treasure Hoarders.

The remainder of the quest is simply conversing with various persons to assist Shouta in his predicament. Finally, ask Kouichi and Yayoi Nanatsuki for their thoughts, and Shouta will flee as the global pursuit concludes.

Your Inazuma reputation will improve after completing the mission.

That is all there is to know about starting and finishing the global quest O Archon, Have I Done Right? in Genshin Impact. For additional game-related advice, tactics, and information, check out our guide wiki.