Leaks tease Genshin Impact Sumeru resembles Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su.

Leaks tease Genshin Impact Sumeru resembles Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su:  Another probable playable character may initially emerge in Sumeru, according to Genshin Impact leakers. The enigmatic figure resembles Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su and has an unknown weapon and name.

He was the eighth of 13 Flame-Chasers and a MANTIS. He was also a scientist with the Fire Moth group in the Old World.

Meanwhile, Genshin’s ostensibly Su-inspired persona may have a fondness for academics similar to Honkai’s Su. The unknown individual is a Sumeru scholar with a Dendro Vision, according to information on Twitter by @SpendYourPrimos and crossposted on r/Genshin Impact Leaks.

The character’s physical appearance was detailed by @bao xiao sheng on Twitter, who magnified the disclosure. In addition, the following information was translated from the Chinese tweet by u/astrrea:

In contrast to Honkai Impact 3rd’s calm and collected Su, the character has a more serious disposition. According to the tweet, the unknown persona “doesn’t talk with a grin,” according to the tweet.

Leaks tease Genshin Impact Sumeru resembles Honkai Impact 3rd’s Su

His attire has a lot of peacock patterns, which reminds me of Su’s Honkai form, which is a peacock.

Clothing color scheme includes many gold accents, as well as black, teal, and green.

His hair is gray and white with a gray-white ombre.

The difference between Su and the Su-inspired character’s stated personalities is an essential component of the leak.

Honkai Impact 3rd’s cast has influenced other characters, and each pair has distinct non-parallels. For example, Honkai’s Raiden Mei enjoys cooking, but Genshin’s Raiden Ei is completely incapable of doing so.

Despite early rumors that the update would include a five-star male character, Twitter user @SpendYourPrimos confirmed that the Su-inspired character might not debut in Version 3.0. Some predict that the Su-inspired figure will appear early in the Sumeru tale, but that he or she will not be playable until much later.

For the time being, no specific information can glean from these breaches. However, the next Version 3.0 beta might offer some intriguing news.