Elden Ring Best AoE Weapons List

Best AoE Weapons List: Elden Ring is home to some of the most potent weapons that deal with AoE. These weapons can make a huge difference in building your game and playing it. 

While exploring, you should always have a weapon that does the area of effect damage. These weapons are helpful when enemies outnumber you and can quickly help you take them out. Let’s quickly review the top AoE weapons for Elden Ring.

The Best AoE Weapons for Elden Ring

The game does not have AoE weapons, but it does have weapons skills that deal AoE damage.

  • Flame and Sword of Night: Flame and Sword Of Night have the weapon skill Night and Flame Stance. This weapon is the most effective for AoE because it does not have one but two AoE attacks. To use Comet Azur, hold your sword and perform a normal attack. You can also keep your blade and execute a strong attack with flames to slash the enemy.
  • Ruins Greatsword: Ruins Greatsword equips with the weapon skill Wave of Destruction. This skill charges purple lightning and launches a significant slash forward that causes much AoE damage.
  • Sacred Relic Sword – Sacred Relic Sword receives the weapon skill Wave of Gold. Although it covers a limited area, it cuts a golden arc that deals holy damage.
  • Meteoric Ore Blade – Meteoric Ore Blade can also use to do AoE damage. Gravitas is its skill. Your character will use it to thrust the sword into the ground. It will damage all weapons in the area and pull them towards it.
  • Reduvia Dagger – Reduvia Dagger employs the weapon skill Blood Blade. This skill is not the most potent AoE weapon in the game. When you attack, it launches a slight arc in the front that deals good damage when connected. It is best if you have a bleed build.
  • Iceland Hatchet This weapon receives the weapon skill Hoarfrost Stomp. This skill makes this weapon a more effective weapon in terms of damage than it is by itself. The player steps on the ground and creates a frosty area in front of it. This attack has a good range and does frost damage to any enemy in its path.

This concludes the guide to the best AoE weapons, Elden Ring. Check out our guides on the best faith weapons and bleed weapons if you’re interested in firearms.


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