15 Best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 2021

Best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 2021: I have been more grateful to own a Nintendo Switch than any other time in the past year. Being inside alone makes it a great place to play games. 

But the Nintendo Switch has had an excellent year with standouts such as Mario Golf Super Rush, New Pokemon Snap, and Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. 

There are always new games, and I don’t believe that going outside will ever be safer, so it’s still an excellent time to play more Switch games.

However, the summer season is over. The fall season is just a few days away from Black Friday. Now is the time to start watching the waves. 

It means that all the significant and little-known games have to get on board before the holiday shopping season. The Switch OLED model will be available in October. 

We are getting closer to the holidays, and more games will be out. It is a great time to start making wishlists and setting aside money to help you invent gift ideas for your family. 

15 Best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 2021 

It will likely bring more new participants into the fold. Check out our list to see if you find anything that appeals to you.

It is our September list of the top Nintendo Switch games:

1. Ravva and The Cyclops Curse – Released

Ravva and The Cyclops Curse

While times change and eras go by, there’s no denying that pixel platformers are timeless. David & the Cyclops Curse is a sidescrolling platformer. 

You play as Ravva, an apprentice summoner whose horrible cyclops have a cursed mother and all of the land. Ravva can switch between four summoned friends, each with a different attack method. 

Additionally, it will create a path through many traps, minions, and obstacles by doing so. There is no doubt that it is one of the best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 2021.

2. Kataria Fables – Released

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

Stardew valley and cats are the two things that I am statistically certain people love. Kataria Faables hits both of these buttons with a large, colorful and adorable action RPG world. 

Generally, you can use magic spells, swords, bows, and bows to control the wild animals in the forest. Then, return to town to start a farm. 

Also, you can make friends with the people of Paw Village and listen to their problems.

3. Sonic Colors Ultimate – September 7

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

Sonic Color is a remarkable title. It’s “one of the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog video games people don’t hate.” However, this game is the same as the original but has significant improvements in graphics and stability. 

Rival Rush is a new mode that allows you to race against Metal Sonic in head-to-head races! Sega decided to make the game available on modern platforms with Sonic Colors Ultimate.

4. BloodRayne Betrayal – Fresh Bites – September 9

BloodRayne Betrayal - Fresh Bites

The charmingly edgy BloodRayne series was mostly dormant before last year. 

Since last year, developers have attempted to revive the series with “Terminal Cuts,” the original two games. BloodRayne Betrayal is the next sidescrolling action game.

Wayforward, the original game developer, has returned to paint it in the Fresh Bite version. The game’s new version will include a revamped visuals and some modern quality-of-life fixes. 

Most importantly, it will have full voice acting with Laura Bailey playing Rayne and Troy Baker playing Kagan.

5. Hermitage: Strange Case Files – September 9

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

Although you might not have known it if your Famicom was no longer in use, visual mystery novels are still a popular genre. They sell well alongside notable titles. 

Hermitage – Strange Case Files preserves the spirit of classic mysteries. It tells the story of a mysterious bookstore that seems to attract dark, Lovecraftian horrors. 

As you solve supernatural mysteries, take notes and interview suspects. This branching storyline will vary depending on how you play it.

6. Ultra Age – September 9

Ultra Age

It is a scientific fact that games with large and transformable weaponry are at least 40% better. Ultra Age is a sword that lives and dies. 

Or, rather, the monsters or machines you battle live and die by their sword. High-speed hacking and slash action will allow you to take on a lot of foes.

You can transform your sword into many forms, each with its stats, properties, and moves. You can bring them (or them) to yourself with a grappling hook! Is it too far for your foe for a sword? 

You will be able to cut your way through a future landscape in which humankind is at the brink of civil war.

7. WarioWare: Buy it All! September 10

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

My favorite time sink series is the WarioWare series. It’s hard to imagine a series of quick-fire microgames lasting ten seconds being so engaging. 

But it’s the simplicity of these games that makes them so simple to pick up and have lots of fun with their friends. WarioWare’s latest game, Get It Together!, puts a new spin on microgames with unique characters.

Wario and his team of friends/employees will be having a blast playing his new game. You can play each of the over 200 microgames in the game differently. 

However, it depends on who you are playing. Wario will fly around, shoulder-bashing 18-Volt and then sitting still and launching CDs at things. 

There’s also a Variety Pack with party games and challenges. You can also set your online score and time records.

8. Eastward – September 16


Do you ever look at a game and realize that it is likely to make you cry? Eastward is a story about John, a cooking enthusiast, and Sam, his young, mysterious assistant. 

They travel across the country through abandoned railway tracks and murky swamps. Generally, you can control the duo together to defeat foes or split them up for environmental puzzles. 

Furthermore, you can talk to everyone around town, and they all have a story to tell.

9. Nexomon – Another Best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 17


Are you in a monster-catching mood but tired of the same old suspects? Nexomon is worth a shot. Nexomon first appeared in July last year. 

An expansion called Extinction followed. Extinction is available on Switch for a while. The developer did not release the original game still now. 

However, you can explore a world filled with more than 300 species of Nexomon. You can catch them and train them to make them the best, or show the Nexolord something.

10. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Prince’s Edition – September 17

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Prince's Edition

Although the Switch is a little late to the Nino Kuni party, it received a late-stage port of the first game in 2019. However, it’s better late than never, especially when the included DLC. 

The Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Prince’s Edition includes the entire 2018 action-RPG release. However, it has all the DLC that was available after launch. 

As fugitive prince Dell rebuilds his kingdom and unites all worlds, it will present you in stunning Studio Ghibli animation.

11. Tails of iron – Best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 17

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

Why is it that fantasy worlds filled with rats and frogs are so captivating? Tails of Iron proves that it does work, no matter what the reason. This action RPG is akin to Souls. 

It features rats fighting frogs. You are the heir to Regi’s Rat Kingdom throne. You will master brutal, punishing combat using customizable equipment. 

Also, you have to learn fighting styles to reunite the land’s animals against the frog menace.

12. Embr – The Best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 23


Firefighting isn’t easy work, but it’s still fun! Emergency Services can call you up to three of your friends. Therefore, run to the fire station to extinguish wildfires and rescue civilians. 

You can use axes to break down doors, extinguish flames using water blasting technology, and stop gas leaks from forming before they explode! 

Side gigs can be as simple as food delivery or full-blown robbery. You can do whatever you want to keep the lights on.

13. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot September 24

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

Son Goku certainly has lived a strange life. He was first a mountain child hunting Dragon Balls. Then he discovers he is an alien. 

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will allow you to live the life that Goku has always dreamed of. After a few more things, he suddenly finds himself going toe-to-toe with literal gods. 

There are tons of sidequests, minigames, and other adventures to help flesh out the Dragon Ball universe.

The Kakarot Switch port includes “A New Power Awakens,” where you can challenge Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction. You also have the opportunity to battle Golden Frieza, the Super Saiyan Blue Goku!

14. Austria Ascending – One of the best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

Austria Ascending

Austria Ascending may be a good fit for you if you have played Yoshitaka Amano’s older Final Fantasy characters. However, Austria Ascending is amongst the best Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September 2021.

To begin with, on a 50-hour adventure, gather your party of adventuring friends. And personalize them with 20 character classes.

15. Melty Blood: Type Lumina – September 30

Nintendo Switch Games Releasing in September

The Melty blood original was co-created by French Bread, a doujin circle-turned-software developer, and game publisher Type-Moon. It featured characters from Type-Moon Tsukihime’s visual book. 

Although Type-Moon may be more focused on the massive success of Fate. However, it has long been a flag bearer for small-studio fighting games. 

Meanwhile, they still love the classics that helped them get there (especially with the Tsukihime reboot).

Melty Blood – Type Lumina is an entirely new version of the original game. It’s led by Type-Moon again and French Bread. 

Besides, the developer reworked the game’s mechanics to make it more enjoyable and easier to use. In the meantime, they have updated all art assets. 

In short, this game is sure to be a hit with the fighting games community.

However, these are the 15 Best Nintendo Switch Games Realising in September 2021. If you enjoy any of the games mentioned above.