Best Pyro Characters Ranked & Tier List in Genshin Impact

Best Pyro Characters Ranked & Tier List in Genshin Impact: There are 10 Pyro characters available in Genshin Impact, but not all of them are top-quality. Therefore, deciding which character you’d like to add to your team is complex. 

There are certain aspects to consider when deciding whether a person is worthy of joining your team. This guide will look at the Tier List of the Best Pyro Players to use for Genshin Impact and learn where each character is placed.

The Best Pyro Characters of Genshin Impact Ranked in a Tier List

Before we dive into this Tier List, remember that this is my opinion of the most popular Pyro characters from Genshin Impact. There is a chance that you are using other characters and feel that these rankings and tiers do not appropriate for them. Now let’s go through this list.

Ranking Character Tier Rarity Weapon
10 Amber D-Tier 4 Stars Bow
9 Xinyan C-Tier 4 Stars Claymore
8 Thoma C-Tier 4 Stars Polearm
7 Diluc B-Tier 5 Stars Claymore
6 Yanfei B-Tier 4 Stars Catalyst
5 Yoimiya A-Tier 5 Stars Bow
4 Xiangling A-Tier 4 Stars Polearm
3 Klee A-Tier 5 Stars Catalyst
2 Benett S-Tier 4 Stars Sword
1 Hu Tao S-Tier 5 Stars Polearm

Best Pyro Characters Ranked & Tier List in Genshin Impact

Let’s learn more about the most popular characters.

  1. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a 5-star character from Genshin impact, which utilizes Polearm. This is the first character on this list due to her damage output. If used correctly, she can deal massive damage, particularly when compared with other characters on the list. 

One of the best aspects is her balanced movements. She’s not just able to deal with regular attacks but also AoE attacks that cause average damage. However, her inherent skill and elemental burst enable her to deal with AoE and Pyro damage. 

Therefore, she’s an S-Tier Pyro character. The only issue for this character is that obtaining her is pretty tricky.

  1. Bennett – Best Pyro Characters Ranked Genshin Impact

Bennett is a four-star character that has the sword from Genshin Impact. He is very effective in damage and is close to Hu Tao but is best when utilized as a backup character. 

The buffs are excellent, but he also functions effectively as a healer. Like Hu Tao, he can deal with regular and AoE attacks that deal with Pyro and average damage. When you consider these facts, Bennett deserves to be an S-Tier player.

  1. Klee

Klee is an excellent choice for the main DPS character. She is a five-star character who makes use of Catalyst. The attacks she uses are AoE Pyro focussed on the damage. If you are planning to fight hordes susceptible to Pyro, this character is definitely worth your time.

  1. Xiangling

Xiangling is a four-star character from Genshin Impact that uses a Polearm. One of the main reasons she is among the top is her ability to deal with AoE damage and the fact that you can purchase her for nothing. The ability Pyronado creates a pyronado around her, which can deal Pyro damage to enemies who comes into contact with it. 

While her elemental burst is powerful, it also allows her to summon Gouba, which can breathe fire that causes AoE damage to foes. This is where the fact that she is available for purchase and this character could be somewhat less when you tried to get the character using other methods. 

However, that’s not the case. You have to clear chamber 3 on Floor 3 within the Spiral Abyss to acquire her. We can say she’s an A-Tier good character with these points in mind.

  1. Yoimiya

Yoimiya is a 5-star player in the video game. The weapon she prefers to use is a Bow. She’s a fantastic player for focusing on single targets. However, while she excels in this area, she is weak in her damage from AoE. In light of all this, she’s an A-Tier player.

This is the complete Tier listing of top Pyro characters from Genshin Impact and their rankings. If you liked this list, make sure to check the other Tier lists. Check out the additional Genshin Impact guides to learn more about the game.